CoasterVille Quest Guide: Organize a Banquet for St. patrick Day

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Mamy Murphy, Bridget grandmother, comes straight from Berlin to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with you! New construction of attraction are in program and of course new missions that will allow you to organize a banquet. Below the steps of the new quest.

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CoasterVille Organize a Banquet for St. patrick Day Quest

Mission 1

Mamy Murphy, Bridget's grandmother, comes straight from Dublin to visit your park.Welcome her  should be with some traditional Irish decorations.

  • Get the four-leaf clovers to provide Mamy Murphy
  • Sheep flying  has a level 4 because sheep are plentiful in Ireland
  • Has green flowerbedsto recreate the Emerald Isle

Mission 2

Our fleet is ready for St. Patrick’s Day. I still fear that something goes wrong with the surprise of Bridget. We will need the chance to invoke  both the Irish.

  • Earn coins to bring you happiness
  • Has Fersa lucky horse
  • Boosts attractions to put your luck to the test

Mission 3

We'll have to keep Bridget away before the arrival of Grandma Murphy. According to Irish legend, the Blarney Stone gives powerful capabilities of eloquence.

  • Get limestone blocks so that we can make our own Blarney Stone
  • Spending mints to refresh your breath
  • Use your skills of eloquence for recommendations

Mission 4

Now that Grandma Murphy and Bridget have found all necessary to organize a traditional feast of St. Patrick. A stew of cabbage country should do the trick.

  • Prepares cabbage for dinner
  • Produces black cauldron to cook stew
  • Earnings Cash from restaurants so that we can find other ingredients

Mission 5

According to Murphy Mamy, it lacks more than sprites in your park to be missed. Leprechauns do not exist can not be, but it will not prevent us to find one.

  • Has an Enchanted Forest level 5 to dislodge a leprechaun
  • Uses Cider mill to coax the leprechaun
  • Build a Charm Bracelet
  • Removing the gold nuggets to whet the curiosity of leprechaun

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