CoasterVille Guide: Runaway Mine Car

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The newest building project in CoasterVille will fit in great with your existing Frontier-themed goodies, as players can now build a Runaway Mine Car ride in their parks. This ride comes with a series of new quests to complete, and here with a quick look at this ride to get you started.

CoasterVille Runaway Mine Car

A Light Goes On

  • Place the Runaway Mine Car Foundation
  • Finish the Runaway Mine Car Foundation

The Runaway Mine Car Foundation can be placed via this event for free. It requires 2,500 coins, six Miner’s Lanterns, 600 Goods, and 2,500 Thrill Points to complete. The Miner’s Lanterns are earned by posting a general request to your news feed. Remember, you can earn these items faster by posting the request while playing on, rather than basic Facebook. Completing this first quest gives you one Log and 200 Goods.

CoasterVille Runaway Mine Car

Can You Hack It?

  • Complete Second Stage of the Runaway Mine Car

The second stage of this ride requires 3,750 coins, 3,750 Thrill Points, 900 Goods, and eight Hack Saws to finish. The Hack Saws are earned by sending out individual requests to your CoasterVille neighbors for help.

For each stage of the ride that you complete (up to five total), you’ll complete each accompanying quest and will receive items like coins, free energy and more for your game. In addition, the ride itself will become worth more Popularity Points and Thrill Points when it’s finally completed. There are only three weeks available for finishing these quests, but don’t panic if you don’t finish this ride before that time is up. You can continue working on the Runaway Mine Car for as long as it takes – you simply won’t earn the quest prizes once they’ve expired. Good luck!

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