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In order to help you find useful information with CoasterVille, we create this special: a series of guide, tips, tricks and battle videos that will help you get the most out of the game without too much hassle. And we will keep updating, so please keep attention.

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CoasterVille Cheats: Get Free Items & Rewards >> 

A lack of Coins, Goods, and Thrill Points and more??? For leveling up in CostarVille, we need to finish a kind of quests, thus, we need freebies. Here below we show you three ways to help you get them easily.


CoasterVille Tips & Cheats for Better Playing >> 

Design custom rollercoasters, build unique themed lands, and more in CoasterVille. Here below will show you the CoasterVille's guide: Leveling Up, Build Menu, Popularity, Goods, Boosting, upgrading, Goals and more.


CoasterVille Guide: How to Ge More Coins >> 

Here will share with you all the possible ways to get more coins in CoasterVille: in order to let you park get into the next level, you need more coins.


CoasterVille Guide: How to Get More Thrill Points >> 

Thrill Points are some of the most important elements of CoasterVille since they allow you to build new structures in your cities, and are also pretty difficult to get because they are not generated just like the other items. Here will share with you some tips on how to get more Thrill Points in CoasterVille!


CoasterVille Best Leveling Guide >> 

Leveling Up in CoasterVille instantly refills your energy bar up with some handsome rewards in coins. Although leveling up directly does not affect your game play much, they do unlock some additional quests for you to complete. Thus it is to your best benefit to level up as much as possible throughout the game play. This guide will focus on various aspects of CoasterVille in relation to leveling up fast and easy.


CoasterVille Complete Theme Guide >> 

In CoasterVille, you can section off and plan your theme park based upon their specific themes. Here have divided the different businesses and rides into their respective themes to help you organize through them.


CoasterVille Guide: Prop Shop >> 

By the time you reach Level 14-15 in CoasterVille, you will be ready to unlock a brand new feature within the game: crafting. Crafting comes by way of the Prop Shop, which is available to purchase in the store for 500 coins.


CoasterVille Guide: Central Kitchen >> 

You'll likely be around Level 17-18 by the time you are first required to cook any recipes by Central Kitchen in CoasterVille, as one of the themed Fairytale quests, Magical Manipulation, asks you to "Make 2 Love Potions" for a character named Tristan.


CoasterVille Guide: Costume Tailor >> 

Another crafting building will come your way at around Levels 18-19 in CoasterVille. These costume pieces can be used to complete quests or simply upgrade items around your park, here with a complete guide to how the Costume Tailor building works.


CoasterVille Expansion Strategy and Tips >> 

Here below categorizes the expansions in CoasterVille into three main areas: theme chapter, attraction limit, and land area. And will discuss the best strategy for these game progression in detail.


CoasterVille Complete Guide to the First 10 Quests >> 

Zynga's CoasterVille has finally launched on Facebook, and with it comes the ability for players to build the theme park of their dreams, complete with customizable roller coasters, plenty of attractions, stalls and much more. To help you get started, here with a complete look at the game's first 10 quests, along with some tips.


CoasterVille Guide: Goods Emporium >> 

Here's one major detail to CoasterVille that many players likely won't notice until around Level 3 or 4, and that's how to produce Goods. Since the game's tutorial and initial tasks offer so many Goods for free, it can almost come as a shock when your Goods eventually run out, here with a look at how you can earn more Goods to keep your park going.


CoasterVille Guide: Building Roller Coasters >> 

CoasterVille allows players to build small rides, businesses and attractions, one of the most interesting features within the game is definitely the ability to build roller coasters. Here with a complete look at coasters, from building them to customizing the pieces, and everything in between.


CoasterVille Cheats & Tips: Upgrade Items for Better Rewards >> 

At the beginning of your adventure in CoasterVille, it can be incredibly tempting to build one of every new ride and attraction in the store. While doing that will work for a while, eventually, your small park will run out of room and you won't be pulling in nearly as many Thrill Points and coins as you could be otherwise if you focused on your current structures first.




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