CoasterVille Cheats & Tips: Upgrade Items for Better Rewards

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At the beginning of your adventure in CoasterVille, it can be incredibly tempting to build one of every new ride and attraction in the store. While doing that will work for a while, eventually, your small park will run out of room and you won't be pulling in nearly as many Thrill Points and coins as you could be otherwise if you focused on your current structures first.

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In an ideal world, you'd have all of the land in the game available right from the very beginning, but since that isn't the case, you can actually increase your productivity by upgrading the buildings you construct to produce more coins, Thrill Points and more (thereby unlocking land expansions more quickly). Most buildings can be upgraded multiple times, from their starting stage at Level 1 all of the way to Level 5. Each upgrade takes more resources to complete than the last, and some items even require building collectibles on top of items like coins, Goods and Inspiration light bulbs (which are earned by visiting friends).

CoasterVille Upgrade Items

To look at the required items for a particular upgrade, you'll need to simply click on a building, whether it be a ride or a business, and click on the "Upgrade" button from the drop down list that appears. There, you'll see the required materials for the upgrade and the advantages to actually upgrading. For example, the first upgrade to the Ice Cream Cart requires two Ice Cream Cones, 15 Goods and 50 Thrill Points. When you finish this upgrade, the Ice Cream Cart will be able to serve 36 more guests before running out of product, and will also generate 24 more coins in profits each time the Ice Cream Cart is ready.

CoasterVille Upgrade Items

Along with the stat upgrades, most buildings will upgrade visually. The Carousel will gain a second level, for instance, while the Balloon Cart will transform from an item on wheels to a stationary building. While these upgrades are mostly voluntary, we have found a few that are required to complete quests within the game, so you can feel free to ignore the upgrade feature entirely until those are needed, if you'd rather just continue purchasing new items.

In the case of a ride, it's also worth keeping in mind that upgrades will increase the amount of Thrill Points that will be rewarded each time that ride is Boosted, which can greatly help you out along the way.

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