COCO Girl Guide: How to Earn More Hearts

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Hearts of various colors in COCO Girl are harder to earn, but will allow you to buy more rare clothing. How to a get Hearts in COCO Girl? Below will show you how to get those color heats in COCO Girl.

COCO Girl Heart Guide

In COCO Girl, you don't gain levels and experience points, or play against the computer. Your goal is to earn rubies and hearts via various tasks, mini games, and by selling clothing as well. Hearts of various colors are harder to earn, but will allow you to buy more rare clothing.

Method to Earn More Hearts

Both rubies and hearts can be earned by following checklists in COCO Girl. The ruby maker checklist gives you tasks to do that earn you a lot of rubies, and each heart has different tasks that must be done in order to gain them, such as rating a certain number of looks.

Creating daily looks is key to earning many ofthe various hearts in the game. You can go through your diary to see past looks. Your calendar shows you many looks you've completed each day.

There are red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and white hearts.

  • To earn red hearts, create three daily looks.
  • For yellow hearts, you need to put five outfits together.
  • For green hearts, make a daily look every day for a week straight.
  • For a blue heart, pass five of the looks challenges.
  • For purple hearts, go to the Fashion Expert section, where you rate looks, and get 100% look accuracy for a weekstraight.
  • For pink hearts, create a daily look for a month straight.
  • For a white heart, you need to pick up ten items from the laundromat.

These hearts in COCO Girl will allow you to buy really rare items.


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