Conquer Online Preview: Epic Adventure Starts

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Conquer Online is one of the most fun and attractive Kungfu style PvP based MMORPGs of its genre. Being the first free-to-play PC 2.5D MMO in the world, the game has achieved worldwide success in 8 years of life. With millions of players active in the world of Conquer, this game is ready to set sail to the facebook gaming platform. Including the upcoming iPad version, Conquer Online will be the first Free MMO that's compatible for 4 platforms of PC, Mac, iOS and Facebook.

The facebook version of Conquer Online inherits all the original features and gameplay experience of the PC version. The default size of the game screen might seem a bit small at first but players have the option to play in full-screen mode of which the visuals are surprisingly nice. Considering how easy it is to use Facebook to recruit friends to your cause, it's no wonder longtime players and first-timers alike are eager to jump through this new gateway into the world of gods and monsters. You can invite your FB friends to join the game and start playing instantly.

Conquer Online

Easy & Simple

There's no complicated button combos on a keyboard, no complex menus to dig through to find the skills you want. But simplicity doesn't translate to a boring experience! In fact, the quick grinding and addictive gameplay makes it refreshing and exciting. 

Conquer Online

Conquer Online provides 6 unique classes: Archer, Trojan, Taoist, Warrior, Ninja, and Monk. Players can choose their class during the character creation. Each class has its own special skills to use on the battlefield. The game suits both new players and grizzled veterans alike! There are starter quests to get beginners onto their feet and into the game as smoothly as possible. Some players might have difficulty choosing the starting character but it won't be a problem anymore in Conquer because of the unique Reincarnation system which allows players to reborn their character into another class when reaching the cap level. Different rebirth combos will grand the characters with different bonus skills and lead to different battle power. It’s like all-in-one and players would have much more class choices when getting into this field. It’s not difficult for starters to begin their own epic journey, and it’s not going to take long for vets to get back on track!

Conquer Online

A Little Bit of Everything

Conquer Online is also a game that is jam-packed with different things to do.  The features that so many players claim are a necessity for their MMO enjoyment can be found here. Battles in Conquer are fluid and impressively animated. Whether it's battling minions or taking on elaborately designed and challenging bosses, players will be immersed in fast-paced and exciting combat!

Conquer Online

Conquer Online has a large and vibrant global fan community. One thing can be sure is that compared to other MMOs, the game has a greater emphasis on social interaction, player will have some pleasant time in game socializing - teaming up with random people, selling items on the market and joining a guild might be not 'social enough', while dressing up your character, throwing a party in your own virtual house, dancing around, making friends, getting married, horse racing and playing Texas Hold'em in Casino is 'quite social' – you can find all these features in the game and there are lot more enjoyment to discover.

Conquer Online

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