Conquer Online Review: PvP Combat

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Maybe you have a love or hate relationship with Facebook games. Sometimes when you find a really good game, it's hard not to get sucked into the game world and forget about the real world. But, who can stand the fun of game?

Conquer Online

Recently, you will get a chance to play facebook version of Conquer Online and you will find it a bit fun. Most facebook games are little cartoon animated style of social games, but this one is a client-converted MMORPG that has a beautiful Chinese ink-wash painting style of visuals, and a boadload of features, both in RPG play and social interactions, which is quite cool. Like other games on facebook, you can directly login with your facebook account.

To be honest, the early stage of gameplay is a little bit repetitive coz it's full of monster slaying and item collecting quests but they help you get to know the game faster and better. Besides there are always people willing to help. You've just played for 2 days and you also can make some friends.

Conquer Online

Like other MMOs, the game provides multiple class options, engaging story-based quests, a complex character progression path, broad PvP features (if you like PvP combat, this is the game you are looking for). In terms of the social interaction, Facebook Conquer Online inherits a load of interactive features from the PC client-based version – chatting, trading, market, friend/enemy list, house, marriage and mini games like horse running and Texas Hold'em as well as intense PvP tournaments, such as guild war.

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