Country Life Guide: Ultimate Strategy Guide

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Country Life

This Country Life strategy guide will cover things like how to win lots of money, great Country Life tips, and how to play Country Life. From begginers to elite, you can find all your need here. Check below.

Country Life Guide: Ultimate Strategy Guide

By Kevin Eklund on

Country Life Beginners

Getting started - After installing your game, you will be walked through a brief tutorial to get you started. There is nothing to set up since you do not have an avatar. Not having an avatar is good in a way because you do not have to wait on the avatar to plow fields. As time as you click a field it is plowed, planted, or harvested. If you had an avatar, you would have to wait on them. So, that's the good thing about this game. So, after you finish the brief tutorial, you will be well on your way to building a nice ranch.

Plowing fields - When starting out in Country Life, you will want to plant you some fields to get started. First, plant fields and then plant seeds. To start plowing fields, you will need to select the Plow tool in your bottom toolbar. Then click somewhere on your farm to plant the field. You can only plant fields if the plot turns green. If you have a red plot, that means a field cannot be plowed there. Move it to somewhere else. It will cost you 15 coins to plow one field and you will earn 1 point.


How To Play Country Life

Earning Country Life ranch cash - The only way to earn ranch cash in Country Life is by leveling up. Every time you level up, you will earn one ranch cash. Otherwise, you will have to purchase the cash.

Earning Country Life points - Earning experience points in Country Life is a very important part of the game. You need to earn points in order to level up in the game. There are a few different ways to earn points in Country Life and you will find a list of those ways below...

Country Life Strategy

Hold your ingredients - Don't be so quick to sell your ingredients. Most of the ingredients will earn you more money by making things like bread and cheese.

Grow crops for your machines - If you own machines, focus on growing crops that can be placed in the machines. These items will earn you more money.

Invest in animals - Buy animals to help with the ingredients you need to make things with your machines.

Use your fruit to make jams - When you harvest your trees, you can save the fruit from the trees to make jams. Making jam will earn you a lot more than just selling the fruit.

Ask friends to send you machines - Ask your friends to send you machines in Country Life. Receiving these machines as gifts will save you money and you can start making your own cheese and other things.

Focus on the cow and cheese machine - These two items work great together. You feed the cow to get milk and then place the milk in the cheese machine to make cheese. It only takes a minute to make cheese, so this is a good way to build up your money and points.


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