Criminal Case: Case #10 Scenes Walkthrough

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Here below will revise every case in detail for Criminal Case. This guide contains Cases #10 scenes. If you're having problems solving a scene or a puzzle. Leave a comment below and we'll replay right away.

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  • VICTIM: Alan Cardwell
  • WEAPON: -
  • KILLER: -
  • SUSPECTS: Joshua Kempe, Sarah Cardwell

Crime Scene 1. Backstreet: Clues: [passport, wallet contents]

Criminal Case: Case #10 - Backstreet

Crime Scene 2. Barbershop: Clues: [trashcan]

Criminal Case: Case #10 - Barbershop

Crime Scene 3. Garbage Bin: Clues: [broken tip, bloodstain]

Criminal Case: Case #10 - Garbage Bin

Crime Scene 4. Barber’s Seat: Clues: [briefcase]

Criminal Case: Case #10 - Barber's Seat


  • Investigate Backstreet
  • Examine Wallet Contents
  • Autopsy the Victim’s Body
  • Analyze Passport
  • Go speak to the victim’s wife Sarah Cardwell
  • Investigate Barbershop
  • Examine Trashcan
  • Examine Anonymous Letter
  • Question Joshua Kempe about the victim who was his client
  • Examine Anonymous Letter
  • Question Curtis Newman about his heated argument with the victim
  • Analyze unknown substance


  • Investigate Garbage Bin
  • Investigate Barber’s Seat
  • Analize Broken Tip
  • Examine Briefcase
  • Analyze leaflet

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