Criminal Case: Case 4 to 6 Scenes Walkthrough

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Here below will revise every case in detail for Criminal Case. This guide contains Cases 4, 5 and 6 scenes. If you're having problems solving a scene or a puzzle. Leave a comment below and we'll replay right away.

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  • VICTIM: Dan Broke
  • WEAPON: Pocket Knife
  • SUSPECTS: James Smith, Gloria Roach, Sally Stone, Bart Williams, Bulldog
  • LOCATION: Grimsborough Port, Studio Sally’s Apartment, Oakville Valley; Bulldog's working place

Crime Scene 1. The Docks

Criminal Case The Docks

  • Clues: [Victim's Body, Dan's Wallet,Broken Badge]

Crime Scene 2. Living Room

Criminal Case Living Room

  • Clues: [Sally's Bag]

Crime Scene 3. Container

Criminal Case Container

  • Clues: [Cigarette Butt]

Crime Scene 4. Bed

Criminal Case Bed

  • Clues: [Sally's Shoes]

Crime Scene 5. Backstreet

Criminal Case Backstreet

  • Clues: [Bloody Poster]

Crime Scene 6. Garbage Bin

Criminal Case Garbage Bin

  • Clues: [Knife]


  • Investigate The Docks
  • Get The Badge Driver's Testimony
  • Examine Broken Badge
  • Examine Dan's Wallet
  • Autopsy Victim's Body
  • Ask The Building Supervisor About The Victim
  • Question Sally Stone about the victim
  • Investigate Living Room
  • Examine Sally's Bag
  • Go To Chapter 2


  • Investigate Container
  • Examine Cigarette Butt
  • See what James Smith Wants
  • Examine Drug Package
  • Investigate Bed
  • Talk To Bart about the Drug Package
  • Question Bulldog about the Victim
  • Investigate BackStreet
  • Examine Bloody Poster
  • Analyze Soil Sample
  • Confront Sally about being on the docks
  • Question bulldog about the blood found in the alley


  • Investigate Garbage Bin
  • Examine Knife
  • Analize Blood
  • Take Care of The Killer Now
  • Go To Additional Investigation


  • Chek up on James Smith
  • Check up on Sally Stone
  • Check up on Bart Williams

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