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Criminal Case is a new game on Facebook by Pretty Simple is a criminal investigation themed hidden object game, which is a genre that is very niche and has a rather select gamer base.

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Criminal Case Review

There is actually a character creation system in this game, and it is more dynamic than static. By that I mean, you are given a limited amount of customization in the beginning, which gives you a fair amount of choices to create a base avatar, and from there you unlock more options as you progress/level in the game. Choices range from everything from gender to skin color, though the skin color is related to the facial features, so there is some limitation in that, though it doesn't make that big of a difference.

Criminal Case Review

The story is actually kind of interesting, it is rather generic in nature, but the overall theme feels like a watered down version of games like Phoenix Wright, but with a hidden object twist. The first case the game gives you goes off fairly bland though, which makes you think the rest of the pacing will be like that. The reason is in the first case you are given almost no information about the victim or the perpetrator, even though it is a tutorial mission, by the end you are left wondering why the guy did it and if the rest of the game will be that bland. By the time you get to the next case, the game starts to pick up and they start to try to bring some of the characters to life, giving a motive, and eventually a reason why the killer killed the victim, which then sets you off to the next mystery which relates to the first.

Criminal Case Review

Gameplay is another beast all together. Unless you're into hidden object and puzzle games, this is sometime you shouldn't even bother looking at, just because if you don't like the genre in the beginning, this won't change it. If you do like it, it does provide some pretty decent gameplay. There are maps in the game which you need to use energy to "explore" each map, which most of the time is a standard hidden object game which tells you the object to find, and you find them.  They do a really nice thing as to mix it up a bit, as when you progress they change some of the gameplay mechanics to different styles of puzzle games such as putting pieces of a torn note together or digging through trash to find a card. They even mix up some of the levels to have you put the right pieces back together, which makes the gameplay all that more interesting, but not difficult. The other features they add are rather nice as well, not only do you do the hidden object parts to find clues to nail the perpetrator, but you also have to pick him or her out from your line-up based off of clues you found, and arrest them.  I do have to admit, that I found the puzzles to be rather easy, and once you know where to look, re-doing maps to find certain objects becomes really easy since they don't randomize the locations, but despite that it is a rather fun game.

Criminal Case Review

On the other hand there are some features that are rather annoying at times. For instance, to do special actions during a case you need to have stars to spend. Stars are earned through repeating maps and getting the necessary score through multiple play through to earn them. Given that energy is only 110, and it costs 20 to go to a map, you burn through energy like nothing else and have to essentially farm maps for stars, which can get a bit old after a while, especially when you get to a point where you need two or more after already earning seven through multiple maps, since as you earn one the next one gets a bit harder to come by. The energy amount is the other thing, since they give you a little amount, which you can go through in about five minutes, and then you have to wait, pay for more, or do surveys to earn the cash for more. I understand it is to help fund the game, but it does seem like a rather low amount considering how fast you can go through it.

Criminal Case Review

Graphically the games artwork is really well done. The drawings look like it could pass off as something you would see on a handheld device, in terms of artwork. The details in the hidden object part are easy to identify, so you won't see some squiggles and wonder if that is the spider you're looking for or perhaps it is instead some alien life-form beat with the stick of ugliness.

Criminal Case Review

If you're a hidden object game fan, this game is well worth trying out if you want to kill some time each day.  The puzzles are fun and the game is easy on the eyes.

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