Criminal Empire Guide: A Beginner Guide

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This quick guide will help you about Criminal Empire.

By Darcie King From GameZebo

Criminal Empire is a mob simulation. You will need to manage your resources and successfully expand and upgrade your control in the city to build your empire. Send your people out to take over new locations, protect your buildings, and take down your rivals. Gamezebo's quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best.

Getting Started

Criminal Empire

  • Criminal Empire is free to play, but you can purchase empire bucks using real world currency.

Criminal Empire

  • At the top of your screen you will find your balances for muscle, product, coins, empire bucks, and influence.

Criminal Empire

  • On the left side of the screen are some of your tasks.

Criminal Empire

  • At the bottom of the screen you will find your avatar, stamina, protection, and a full list of tasks. Below that is your current level and experience.
  • At the bottom right of the screen you can purchase defense items and attack other players.
  • On the right side of the screen are your workers. You can hire additional workers, allowing you to upgrade multiple buildings at once.

How to Play

  • When you first begin Criminal Empire you will be set loose with a couple building and several chumps at your disposal.
  • Chumps are your muscle. You will be sending them out to take over buildings and attack your rivals. As you progress in the game and take over new locations, you will unlock new troops as well as the ability to upgrade their skills.

Criminal Empire

  • To recruit additional chumps you will want to click on the prison yard. This will open the prison yard menu.
  • Currently you will only have chumps unlocked. Click on them to purchase additional troops. You can queue up recruiting until you have reached your maximum number of troops.
  • Troops are purchased using muscle. Muscle is earned by taking over and upgrading gyms.
  • To take over a building, click on a building you do not own.
  • There are some buildings that you won't be able to take over until you reach a certain level or unlock a specific mission.
  • Once you've clicked on a building that you can take over you will need to assign troops to go and fight for you.
  • Click on the troops you wish to send. You can send all your troops or just a couple if you want.

Criminal Empire

  • Pay attention to the colored bar at the top of the menu. As you assign troops the indicator will move from the red area towards the green. While in the red, your chances of successfully taking over the building are slim. If you assign enough troops to move into the green area, your chances are very good.

Criminal Empire

  • Once you deploy troops they will be lost, whether they win or not, so make sure you have enough muscle set aside to recruit new ones afterwards.

Criminal Empire

  • If you succeed at taking over the building it will be added to your empire. Certain buildings come with specific benefits.
  • Taking over bars will increase your coin income while taking over sweatshops will increase your products.
  • You can further increase your income of coins, muscle, and products by upgrading your buildings.
  • To upgrade a building, click on it and select upgrade.

Criminal Empire

  • This will open the upgrade menu. Here you will be able to view the requirements to upgrade the building as well as what benefits you will receive by upgrading.
  • Most upgrades require a certain amount of product and coin. The higher level the upgrade, the higher the cost will be
  • Before you upgrade your bars, gyms, and sweatshops too far, you will want to upgrade your storage facility. Producing a lot of products or coins is all well and good, but if you have no room to store all your wealth it will just go to waste.
  • Once you have all the items necessary to complete an upgrade you will need to wait for your workers to complete the upgrade. You can speed up the process if you have empire bucks.
  • In addition to taking over buildings and upgrading them, you will also need to protect your buildings.

Criminal Empire

  • To purchase defenses, click on the defenses button at the bottom right of the screen.
  • There are several types of defenses you can purchase: guns, mines, and dumpsters
  • Guns can be placed on top of certain buildings, allowing snipers to pick off attackers from a distance.
  • Mines can be placed anywhere on the map and will be triggered when an enemy gets too close.
  • Dumpsters allow you to block access to areas of your map.
  • Defenses can be upgraded as well once you meet the necessary requirements.
  • These defenses will help protect your empire in the event that you are attacked by one of your rivals.
  • When you are attacked you will receive a message warning you that enemies are on the way. If you are comfortable with your readiness, you can begin the attack immediately. If you aren't ready, you can take a few minutes to prepare yourself before your rivals arrive.

Criminal Empire

  • Once the attack begins, your defenses will begin working to protect your empire. You will also be able to send your avatar out to attack your rivals.
  • There will be red arrows on the map showing you where enemies are entering from. Try to send your avatar to the areas that aren't already defended.

Criminal Empire

  • Once the battle is over, you will need to wait while any damaged buildings are repaired. The more damage a building takes, the longer it will take to repair. You can speed up the process by using empire bucks.
  • In addition to being attacked by rivals, you can also attack rivals via the attack menu. To access it, click on the attack button at the bottom right of the screen
  • From the menu, select the player you wish to attack.
  • This will take you to that player's empire.
  • Once there you will have thirty seconds, during which you can change your mind and return home. Otherwise you can choose to begin the attack.
  • Your troops can be accessed by clicking on the troop icon on the right side of your screen.

Criminal Empire

  • The map will change slightly, allowing you to place your troops in the green areas.
  • Strategically place your troops around the map to attack the greatest number of buildings, or send them all in from the same area to take down an entire block.
  • The attack is over when your time runs out, you've been defeated, or you've destroyed the entire empire.
  • Each building you attack will earn you coins, muscle, and/or products. You will receive the final total of items earned at the end of the attack.
  • In addition to attacking players, you can also visit your friend's empires.
  • Click on a friend's portrait and select visit to be taken to their empire.

Criminal Empire

  • You can perform five actions to help out your friends each day. Helping them out will earn you bonus coins.



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