CSR Classics How to Win Without Spending Any Money

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CSR Classics is one of the most popular racing games on mobile platforms nowadays. Race your classic cars, win races, earn cash, gain experience levels, and even earn gold, but the game never stops giving you various ways to spend your money, or even making you think that you have to spend money in order to advance. However, it’s not only entirely possible, but not that hard to do, to go all the way through CSR Classics without spending any money whatsoever.

Stamina runs out VERY quickly, and it takes forever to restore your stamina bar to full, but there are many options to get free stamina without having to spend money for it. You get one free gas each time you watch an ad video or shoot off a tweet from within the game, and you can get a full free refill by liking the game on Facebook or following it on Twitter, also from within the game.

However, you can get an easy refill by setting the time on your device ahead. Set it about an hour and a half ahead, and you can restore an empty energy bar to full. You can do this as many times as you want, all without having to spend anything for it.

Cash and gold can both be purchased, but there are easy ways to get both. Run a ton of races using the free stamina cheat to earn more cash, and for even faster cash gains, run the races with a decal equipped onto your car. Premium decals in particular can give thousands of cash per won race, which can double your average per-race income, as long as you keep winning.

Free gold can be had in many different ways, such as connecting to Facebook, which gives you 30 gold, and by the 10 free gold you gain every time you gain an experience level. Plus, you get one free bonus gold every time your boss pops up saying they have a deal for you on free gold.

Keep racing, keep buying new cars and keep buying new upgrades using all of the cash and gold you earn. It takes a little bit longer without spending any money, but not THAT much longer. Learn to launch perfectly and practice to figure out how to shift at the right shift points. Time the release of your NOS perfectly. Upgrade and race well and you will never have to even spend any gold on the mechanic’s boost in order to win.

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