Dragon City Guide: Terra Dragon

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Don't be alarmed, it's not an earthquake but a dignified Terra Dragon! Terra dragons are not known for their beauty, but for their love of dirt and their extremely humble and honest nature.






  • This is the first dragon to appear in the game.
  • The Terra originally called an Earth Dragon, prior to 14/12/2012. Terra means "Earth" in several languages.
  • It has the lowest breeding and hatching time of all Dragons -- 15 seconds!
  • The Terra Dragon generates the most gold per minute for any Elemental other than the Pure Dragon. Terra Hybrids also typically generates more gold than any other Hybrid.
  • An 8-Habitat Terra Farm is fast to build and has an impressive gold generation rate, i.e., about 240k an hour, without Crystals! Not bad at all for a first Dragon. Please look for Badpeteno's blog for instructions on how to create a Farm.
  • This dragon sometimes acts like a dog.
  • The only difference from a dog with Terra Dragon is that a rock is replacing the bone.
  • The Terra Dragon has an extremely fast gold generation rate for an Elemental. In fact, it has the fastest gold generation rate out of all the Elementals, beaten only by Pure and Legendary Dragons.




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