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You may choose from four unique classes in D&D: Heroes of Neverwinter when creating a character: cleric, fighter, rogue, and wizard.


Clerics channel divine power to blast foes and heal allies. Able to wear chainmail and wield a heavy mace, clerics need not be strangers to battle.

  • Defense Bonus: +2 Willpower
  • Starting Hit Points: 12 + Constitution (5 per level thereafter)

Class Feature

  • Holy Symbol: +1 damage against undead when wielding a Holy Symbol.

Starting Powers:

  • Healing Word: A healing player mends injured allies.
  • Melee Strike: A basic melee attack using a mace or morningstar.
  • Cascade of Light: Divine radiance burns a foe, making it more vulnerable to all subsequent damage.


Fighters are front line warriors trained to defend and protect allies. Relying on powerful melee attacks and able to wield most weapons and wear heavy scale armor, fighters are generally found where the battle is at its thickest. Strong, tough, and durable, fighters form the backbone of most combat parties.

  • Defense Bonus: +2 Fortutide
  • Starting Hit Points: 15 + Constitution (6 per level thereafter)

Class Feature:

  • Resolve: +1 to attack when at half health or below.

Starting Powers:

  • Steel Serpent Strike: A biting attack slows its target.
  • Brute Strike: A heavy blow inflicts massive damage.


Rogues are cunning and elusive adversaries who are at their most effective when delivering lethal strikes to flanked or preoccupied opponents. Wearing leather armor and armed with light blades or ranged weapons, rogues are quick to act and hard to hit cleanly. Rogues also serve a vital party role by disabling traps and picking locks.

  • Defense Bonus: +2 Reflex
  • Starting Hit Points: 12 + Constitution (5 per level thereafter)

Class Feature:

  • First Strike: +2 attack against enemies yet to act in a fight.

Starting Powers:

  • Disable Trap: Disable devious and deadly traps.
  • Pick Lock: Open intricately sealed chests and doors.
  • Sly Flourish: A dashing attack inflicts extra damage based on Charisma.
  • Stunning Blow: A fiendish strike damages and stuns its target.


Wizards wield arcane power to control the battlefield. Lightly armored, wizards avoid direct melee combat in favor of ranged area-of-effect attacks that can decimate groups of enemies at a time.

  • Defense Bonus: +2 Willpower
  • Starting Hit Points: 10 + Constitution (4 per level thereafter)

Class Feature:

  • Arcane Defense: +1 Armor Class (AC) when using a Staff or Orb.

Starting Powers:

  • Magic Missile: A projectile of pure force pummels a foe from range.
  • Acid Arrow: An acid arrow splashes to hit multiple targets and inflict Ongoing Damage.

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