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1. What is Honor?

Honor is a stat gained by winning PVP battles. Winning consecutive PVP battles grants you Honorable or Legendary status which give bonuses. If a player is defeated in PVP combat, he loses Honorable or Legendary Status.

If a player wins 5 PVP matches in a row, his rank changes to Honorable.

Honorable players get:

  •  +1 to Damage against Bosses, for all attack types
  • If a player wins 10 PVP matches in a row, his rank changes to Legendary.

Legendary players get:

  • +1 to damage against Bosses, for all attack types
  • 50% Courage refresh rate

2. What are Spirits?

Spirits is a feature for PVP that is unlocked after the player has completed the first dungeon and unlocked PVP. Spirits can be found as loot or can be purchased. Spirits can be accumulated to provide bonuses during PVP and can be crucial to your success. There are 5 Spirit divisions:

  • Wisdom: +10% to all bonus effects
  • Power: +1 Additional Attack
  • Karma: +1 Honor Earned
  • Speed: First Attack
  • Fortune: x2 Cash Earned

3. What are Classes?

Classes are the different types of positions or specialties held by a player. Classes are defined by the skill tree a player traverses. Some are good at hand-to-hand combat, some good with long-ranged attacks and some good with casting magical spells. There are 5 classes in Deep Realms:

Click on a class to head over to the class-specific forums and a brief description of the class.

  • Warrior
  • Ranger
  • Assassin
  • Sorcerer
  • Templar

4. What are Elixirs?

Elixirs are consumable items produced by players according to the classes they are. Each class has two "jobs" which allow them to produce elixirs. You get the ability produce elixirs as you level up. Elixirs also provide certain bonuses. As long as you have elixirs, they provide bonuses.


  • Elixirs produced by the first job has 1 bonus
  • Advanced Elixirs produced by the second job has 2 bonuses


  • An Elixir lasts for 24 hours from the time it was consumed.
  • A player has an unlimited supply of the Elixir he produces. The Elixirs that he produces are giftable to friends.
  • All 4 other Elixirs must be obtained through gifts from friends. You can only produce your own class elixir.
  • Elixirs are consumed immediately at:
    • The time the job is equipped
    • The time the previous Elixir expired
    • The time the Elixir was received (in the case of a gifted elixir) -if there was already an elixir active, the timer is effectively reset

Gifted Elixirs

  • Elixirs are gifted on a class-basis. For example, a Thief gifts Thief Elixirs to his friends and cannot gift other class elixirs.
  • The level status of an Elixir depends on the recipient.
    • If an advanced-level Thief sends an Elixir to his regular-level Ranger friend, the Ranger receives a regular-level Thief Elixir.
    • If the regular-level Ranger sends an Elixir to his advanced-level Thief friend, the Thief receives an advanced-level Ranger Elixir.

Elixir Effects

The elixir produced by each of the five classes have different positive effects.

  • Warrior: Extra Attack
  • Thief: Escape
  • Ranger: Boss Hit
  • Sorcerer: Elemental Damage
  • Priest: Health Refresh

5. What are Attacks?

Attacks are your most basic form of offense. Attacks are what you use to inflict damage to defeat enemies. There are four aspects of an attack:

  • 1. Type
  • 2. % Hit
  • 3. Damage
  • 4. Effect


There are 3 different types of Attacks.

  • Hand: Attacks made with short-range weapons wielded in your hand (swords, daggers, axe, etc.)
  • Ranged: Attacks made with long-range weapons (bows, darts, etc.)
  • Magic: Attacks that are magical that do not require any weapon to be equipped. They can also be ranged attacks as well.

% Hit

All attacks have a percent chance to hit the enemy. The chance to hit ranges from 10% to 90%. Most attacks are never above 90%. There are skills or equipment bonuses that add to your % chance to hit. These, however, cannot modify an attack to go over 90%.

IMPORTANT: Each time you attack is a separate instance. For example, just because an attack says 90%, it does not mean if you missed once, the next 9 times will hit. It is separate each time.****


Damage is a fixed amount dealt by a successful attack.


  • Some attacks have an Effect.
  • If the initial attack hits, the effect is calculated like an additional attack: it has a % chance to hit.
  • Many effects are persistent. This means that if they hit, they may last over multiple turns.
  • A persistent effect may not stack on itself, but may stack on other attacks. For example, an attack that causes -1 to hit with Hand Attacks and another attack that causes -2 to hit with Hand Attacks would stack to a total of -3 to hit with Hand Attacks.

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