Deep Realms Guide: Glossary of Enemies and Bosses

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This will be a guide for enemies and bosses in Deep Realms. Continuous update ...


Vampire Bat
Hit Points:8
Move 1:Bite/ Damage:2/ Type:Melee
Move 2:Hypnotic Eye/ Damage:1/ Effect:Confuse/ Type:Magic

Dark Accipiter
Hit Points:9
Move 1:Swoop Attack/ Damage:4/ Type:Melee
Move 2:Hawk Strike/ Damage:2/ Type:Melee
Weaknesses:?/ Resistances:Melee, Magic

Muren Bombardier
Hit Points:8
Move 1:Sword/ Damage:2/ Type:Melee
Move 2:Fire Bomb/ Damage:2/ Effect:Fire/ Type:Range
Weaknesses:? / Resistances:?

Muren Elite
Hit Points:18
Move 1:Big Sword / Damage:3/ Type:Melee
Move 2:Tail Whip/ Damage:2/ Effect:Confuse/ Type:Melee
Weaknesses:?/ Resistances:Range

Muren Trapper
Hit Points:15
Move 1:Spear/ Damage:3/ Type:Melee
Move 2:Dirty Net/ Damage:3/ Effect:Trapped/ Type:Range
Weaknesses:?/ Resistances:Melee

Muren Ice Trapper
Hit Points:15
Move 1:Spear/ Damage:3/ Type:Melee
Move 2:Ice Dart/ Damage:3/ Effect:Ice/ Type:Range
Weaknesses:?/ Resistances:Melee

Muren Hunter
Hit Points:26
Move 1:Ice Pick/ Damage:4/ Type:Melee
Move 2:Tail Whip/ Damage:1/ Effect:Confuse/ Type:Range
Weaknesses:?/ Resistances:Range

The Hermit
Hit Points:22
Move 1:Thrown Rock/ Damage:8/ Type:Range
Move 2:Indignation/ Effect:Indignant/ Type:Buff
Move 3:Cold Blast / Damage:1/ Effect:Freeze/ Type:Magic
Weaknesses:?/ Resistances:Melee, Magic

Ice Spider
Hit Points:16
Move 1:Ice Bite/ Damage:3/ Effect:Ice/ Type:Melee
Move 2:Ice Web/ Damage:?/ Effect:Ice Web/ Type:?
Weaknesses:Melee / Resistances:Range

Snow Beast
Hit Points:22
Move 1:Frost Bite/ Damage:6/ Type:Melee
Resistances:?/ Weaknesses:Magic

Croc Hollow:
Cave Croc
Map:Homestead & Croc Hollow
Move 1:Chomp/ Damage:6/Type:Melee


Sergeant Skratch:
Hit Points: 60

Hit Points: 500

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