Deep Realms Classes Guide: Warrior, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Templar

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Warriors specialize in the relentless attack. They are the only class that specializes in extra attacks and they have buffs that give them extra damage over long periods of time. Warriors also specialize in reducing damage inflicted upon them and are skilled in dodging Magic (they're too stubborn to believe in that silly stuff). A Warrior also has access to many attacks that stun enemies. An unlucky foe can find himself facing multiple Warrior attacks in a row without a chance to respond.


Assassins specialize in crippling their foes with debuffs that prevent them from hitting or dodging. Because fights as an Assassin are often longer than other classes, the Assassin is also skilled in dodging both Hand and Ranged attacks as well as escaping from persistent effects. Although Assassins specialize in defensive tactics, this does not mean they are weak on the offensive -this class can do a considerable amount of damage with Hand attacks and has a special preference for Poison.


Rangers specialize in dealing damage with ranged attacks. They also have access to crippling Trap attacks that reduce their target's ability to dodge and hit. Rangers are well balanced and have no great weaknesses. They can specialize in offense with damage and hit bonuses (they are the most precise of all classes) or they can specialize in defense with dodge and damage reduction.


Sorcerers specialize in dealing heavy Magical damage and weakening their targets with debuffs that impair their ability to hit and dodge. Sorcerers are also masters of electric and freeze-based attacks and are able to specialize in dodging both Hand and Ranged attacks.


Templars specialize in making themselves indestructible. More than any class they have access to damage reduction, reducing the damage of every incoming attack. Templars also are able to buff themselves to hit with greater accuracy and deal more damage. Templars can learn powerful fire-based magic attacks as well as spells that debuff their opponents' abilities to hit and dodge.

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