Destiny Stone Guide: How to Play

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Destiny Stone

Here are a few important things you need to know while exploring Nassaria on your quest to defeat the God of Destruction in Destiny Stone.

Destiny Stone Guide: How to Play

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Your Room

This is the main screen in Destiny Stone and Penelope's home sweet home! From the room screen you can view your inventory, check your game progress, shop and much more before heading out to explore Nassaria.

Your Room

My Stuff

Every adventurer needs equipment to stay safe! Click the "My Stuff" button to view your items. Double-click any item to learn more about it! Click on the "Store" button to visit Emma and purchase new items like clothing, accessories and powerful premium items.

Equipment - Penelope will find many different and useful items during her adventure. To equip an item, drag it from your inventory to the "Equipped Items" window:

Equipped Items

  • Weapons - all jewel magicians need a powerful staff. These are perfect for pummeling enemies!
  • Clothing - throughout Nassaria you will find many different outfits to boost your style and magical abilities.
  • Headwear - simple hats, bonnets, caps and more are available to wear during your journey.
  • Footwear - no outfit is complete without shoes!
  • Quickslots - place an item in a quickslot (1 to 4) and you can use it inside a stage by pressing the matching keyboard key. Jewelry lets Penelope cast powerful spells. Food boosts your HP or MP.
  • Bag - every adventurer needs a bag to carry their stuff! Pack wisely, because it can't hold everything! If you need more space, check out premium items.
  • Storage - if you need more room for your gear, toss it in storage. These items are only accessible from the inventory screen. If you need more space, check out premium items.
  • Trash - storage space is limited. If you have too many things, throw something away. Be careful, because trashed items disappear forever!

Jewel Guardians

During your travels you will meet and learn about the different Jewel Guardians protecting Nassaria. Each possess special skills to help during your adventure.

Jewel Guardians


Nassaria contains many exotic dungeons (often called stages) filled with dangerous creatures, powerful jewels and other useful items. Run, jump and fight your way through to earn experience points and help Penelope grow stronger. To finish a stage, open the Epic Chest at the end before the timer runs out!


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