Dojo Mojo Guide: How to Control Troops During Battle

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The Oni beast (summoned from the Altar) is the only troop that can be manually controlled during an attack in Dojo Mojo. To control your Oni, select the desired target (cross hairs will highlight the target) and the deployed Oni will focus his attack on the selected target.

Dojo Mojo Guide: How to Control Troops During Battle

All other troops are based on artificial intelligence and cannot be controlled after deployment. Each troop focuses it's attack differently according to it's attack type and preferred target. Review individual troop statistics at the Dojo 'troop training' screen by selecting the info button above the troop icons.

  • Troop Attack Reference: (Preferred target / Attack type)
  • Grunts - Nearest target, melee attack
  • Assassins - Nearest target, range attack
  • Ninjas - Nearest defense target, melee attack
  • Thieves - Nearest resource target, melee attack
  • Samurais - Nearest defense target, melee attack

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