Dojo Mojo Guide: Mine / Pit Trap

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The Pit Trap and Jade Mine allow players to capture enemy troops and use them to mine for Jade in Dojo Mojo. Enemy troops are captured when they stumble into the Pit Trap during battle. Once captured, the troops will produce a small amount of Jade.

Dojo Mojo Guide: Mine / Pit Trap

Helpful tips about the Jade Mine / Pit Trap:

  • Both the Jade Mine and Pit Trap can be purchased from the shop. Take note of the palace level requirement outlined in the shop
  • In order to produce jade, the Jade Mine must be staffed with captured troops. Workers cannot be assigned or purchased. A Jade Mine with zero workers, produces zero jade.
  • Workers generate Jade over a period of 24 hours.  Each worker generates one Jade.
  • Jade Mines destroyed by an enemy during battle results in lost production and stolen jade!

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