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This guide lists each of the units stats and details some useful tips and FAQs of Dojo Mojo. Including both the regular troops and the mechanized gadgets.

Dojo Mojo Units

Dojo Mojo Units List

Troops Notes

Dojo: Through this building, you can create all your regular ground troops. Unlocking different units have different requirements.

Gadget Factory: Through this building, you will finally be able to create mechanized troops. So far, only the Boomer is available, and has an insane damage power, pretty effective against walls.

Ammo: Once you install the ssss building, you will be able to create Ammo. Ammo allows ships to have firing cannons. In the battlefield, this is traduced into another unit slot being used. You can fire cannon balls and the attack radius is not affected by walls or buildings, since it is an aerial attack. You can upgrade the ammo your ship takes and also the amount of shots you will take to battle.

Upcoming Troops: Some troops and mechanized units have an avatar but do not have unlock requirements. These units have not been released yet.

Can you Upgrade Your Units?. Indeed, once you install the Training Ground building, you will be able to upgrade each of your

The Princess: This unit stays at your village and cannot be taken to battle. The unit remains at the castle throwing ranged shots at enemy units to defend the castle.

Oni: Oni is so far the only elite unit that can be summoned through the Altar building. What’s great about Oni is that if not taken to the battlefield, it will defend your castle, unlike other regular units. In the battlefield, you can redirect its attacks to the desired building.

Target: Each unit has a certain default target. Once deployed into the battlefield, the target becomes a priority before other targets are attacked

Ship Slots: Each unit requires a different amount of Ship Slots to be taken to battle, the chart belows details all of them.

Sushi: Creating units requires Sushi exclusively.

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