Dojo Mojo Tips: Village UI

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Here explain in detail Village UI of Dojo Mojo, and also give answers to the most common questions done by new players.


Dojo Mojo Village UI

1. Gold: The Gold Meter. The meter has a bar that shows up how close you are to get to full capacity.

2. Sushi: The Sushi Meter. The meter has a bar that shows up how close you are to get to full capacity.

3. Jade: The Jade counter.

4. Quest Log: Click on the icon to obtain the current quest details. You can’t get more than a single quest at a single time.

5. ON FIRE Counter: the on fire counter shows you how many battles you need to win until you are granted the on-fire bonus.

6. Shields: Displays the time you have until your current shield goes down, if you have any active that is.

7. Ship Slots: shows the total amount of ship slots available and how many are currently occupied

8. Architects: shows how many architects you have. Upgrade the architect hut to obtain more.

9. Battle Log: this log shows the most recent raids your village has received.

10. Torii Gate Requests: this is where you can request your friends for extra battle units.

11. Attack Menu: takes you to the attack menu, where you can choose between PvE or PvP mode. This is how you go to battle.

12. Leaderboards: Shows you current position in a worldwide board and your position among your friends as well. You Mojo level determines your position in the leaderboard.

13. The Shop: the shop is where you can buy buildings, defenses, decorations and extra resources and jade.

14. Settings: the settings menu

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