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In Dragon City you may have several questions about combat, here below frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the dragon breeding, click in to whether you have knew them or not.

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Dragon City: Dragons FAQ

What kind of dragon is my egg?
Eggs are fun to see and a query we all are impatient to know. You can get an idea of what type it is based off off color & design, but there is also a visual list of Dragon Eggs

Is their a visual list of all dragon types?
On the web there are many locations you will find lists and images of all the dragons. This is one example. Be aware the game cannot control other sites like this. Sometimes information may be incorrect or slow to update.

How long should my dragon take to hatch?
Hatch times are decided by the type of dragon you are hatching. The more challenging a dragon is to breed the long it's hatch time is meant to be. Please review Simplified Dragon Breeding List for exact hatch times per egg type.
Thee are also some Player made topics to help with the in game events.

Why can't I place my Dragon on the habitat?
Check to be sure the dragon is being placed on the correct Habitat. Dragons can only be added to ones that match their element & type. This can sometimes become confusing with Pure dragons since each pure type has a Pure Habitat type. Pure Fire dragon needs to be on a Pure Fire habitat just as Pure Pure dragon (unicorn dragon) needs to have a Pure Pure habitat.

Is it possible to have all dragon types with the game limits?
At this time the limits do prevent players from having all dragons. They will have to choose which to keep & which to depart with. It is sometime easier to decide for some players if they consider how easy some are to buy or breed with hatch times... like an Earth or Fire dragon is always available for gold in the Build: Egg shop & hatch in just a few minutes. They can always be easily re-made if needed later. The Simplified Dragon Breeding List lists hatch times & breeding combinations to help with the decision.

Why can't I claim my Social Empire/Social Wars reward dragon?
Sometimes there is a problem with the two games connecting with each other to read levels if the games are open separately. Usually if a person clicks on the DC island found inside the other game it will load DC & allow players to collect the dragon from the Build: Egg section. Don't forget to have open space in your hatchery before collecting the egg.

What is a Unique dragon?
These are dragons that cannot be created from breeding. They are considered a luxury item to own and are earned or purchased through random game events. The times and types of events vary. Please review Unique Dragon Listing for what dragons are considered Unique.

What is a Pure dragon?
Are special single element dragon. They will show a symbol for pure element and look similar to their relating pure element in most cases. They can only be placed in a pure habitat type matching their pure element type. They can be breed from legendary dragons & single element dragons. Breeding them with other dragons can sometimes create other pure dragons.

What is a Legendary dragon?
Are the strongest level of dragons. They are bred off the combination of two rare dragons or purchased for a lot of gems. They can be placed in only the Legendary habitat type. They show a single Legendary element.

What is a Rare dragon?
These are dragons produced from matching opposite elements together that cannot breed directly or purchasing for a large amount of gems. They can be placed in either of it's two element's habitat types. Matching hybrids are the most common method of trying for these. Breeding them together gives a chance at breeding Legendary dragons.

What is a Hybrid dragon?
These are the secondary dragons produced from breeding 2 single element dragons or earned through events or purchases for gems. They will show two or three elements to them. They can be placed in either of it's two or three element's habitat types. They are the most common types to happen from breeding most all dragon combinations. Breed them together to create more hybrid or breed ones that have opposite elements for a chance at creating Rares.

What is a Single Element dragon
these are primary dragons for starting breeding. They will consist of one element. They can be placed in the habitat type matching their single element. They can be purchased for gold in the Build: Egg section, or bred using hybrids and Legendary. Breed them together to create hybrids, bred them to Pures to create other Pures.

How much food do I need to raise my dragon up in levels?
Each level is different, but a player will need around 4.3 million food to take a dragon from level 1 to 30. Please view the Food Computation list for a more detailed break down per level.

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