Dragon City Breeding Time Guide

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The breeding time was according to the longer hatching time among the 2 dragons you choose for breeding(See Dragon City Eggs for hatch times.) Below are some examples of breeding times.

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(B = Basic, H = Hybrid, R = Rare, L = Legendary, SR = Special Release)


Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Time Combo
Earth Fire 30 seconds B/B
Earth Water 5 minutes B/B
Earth Plant 2 hours B/B
Earth Electric 4 hours B/B
Earth Ice 1 hours B/B
Earth Dark 4 hours B/B


Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Time Combo
Fire Earth 30 seconds B/B
Fire Water 5 minutes B/B
Fire Plant 2 hours B/B
Fire Electric 4 hours B/B
Fire Metal 2 hours B/B
Fire Dark 4 hours B/B


Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Time Combo
Water Earth 5 minutes B/B
Water Fire 5 minutes B/B
Water Plant 2 hours B/B
Water Electric 4 hours B/B
Water Ice 1 hours B/B
Water Metal 2 hours B/B


Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Time Combo
Plant Earth 2 hours B/B
Plant Fire 2 hours B/B
Plant Water 2 hours B/B
Plant Ice 2 hours B/B
Plant Metal 2 hours B/B
Plant Dark 4 hours B/B


Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Time Combo
Electric Earth 4 hours B/B
Electric Fire 4 hours B/B
Electric Water 4 hours B/B
Electric Ice 4 hours B/B
Electric Metal 4 hours B/B
Electric Dark 4 hours B/B


Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Time Combo
Ice Earth 1 hours B/B
Ice Water 1 hours B/B
Ice Plant 2 hours B/B
Ice Electric 4 hours B/B
Ice Metal 2 hours B/B
Ice Dark 4 hours B/B


Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Time Combo
Metal Fire 2 hours B/B
Metal Water 2 hours B/B
Metal Plant 2 hours B/B
Metal Electric 4 hours B/B
Metal Ice 2 hours B/B
Metal Dark 4 hours B/B


Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Time Combo
Dark Earth 4 hours B/B
Dark Fire 4 hours B/B
Dark Plant 4 hours B/B
Dark Electric 4 hours B/B
Dark Ice 4 hours B/B
Dark Metal 4 hours B/B

Hybrid, Rare and Legendary

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