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In Dragon City you may have several questions about combat, here below frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the dragon combat, click in to whether you have knew them or not.

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Dragon City Dragons Combat

Why does my Diamond Level 4 Stadium battle repeat?
This is the highest level to the stadium at this time. It repeats to allow players to opportunity to continue earning gems.

How do I beat a player who is a much higher level then me and the other players in the league?
Since some players do choose not to battle, this will occasionally happen where they freeze to a league level. In most all cases other players can still move past this person, by checking back to their World Combat daily. Sometimss the island names will rotate while the red X always remains in the same position. This will move the harder player or your own island to an X and open up an easier player to battle again. Players only need earn 7 battle wins to move ahead. Those do not have to be against 7 different players.

How do I defeat a Legendary dragon when I have none?
Usually a rare dragon of the same level will be able to defeat a Legendary dragon in 2 hits. Rare dragons include: Gummy, Soccer, Pirate, Armadillo, Cool Fire, & Petroleum

Why does my dragon have fight moves that do not match it's elements?
This is a natural ability in some dragons like the Alpine. In other it is gained from training. With a larger range of available element moves your dragons will be more successful defeating a wider range of battle opponents.

What are my [insert dragon name here] strength's & weakness?
A dragon's first element listed decides what it is weak in. Try to avoid combats against dragons with those skills. It will be strong against the elements weak to it. Use battle moves of that element against the opponent for stronger hits.

Weakness by elements

  • Earth = ice & metal
  • Fire = water & electric
  • Water = fire & dark
  • Plant = ice & earth
  • Electric = water & plant
  • Ice = fire & metal
  • Metal = electric & dark
  • Dark = plant & earth
  • Legendary = Legendary

Strength by elements

  • Earth = plant & dark
  • Fire = water & ice
  • Water = fire & electric
  • Plant = electric & dark
  • Electric = fire & metal
  • Metal = ice & earth
  • Ice = earth & plant
  • Dark = water & metal
  • Legendary = Legendary

Why did my dragon cause 0 hit damage?
All dragons are immune to a type of element if attacked by it. What they are immune to is decide by their first element's immunity.

Immunity by elements

  • Earth = electric
  • Fire = plant
  • Water = earth
  • Plant = water
  • Electric = metal
  • Metal = fire
  • Ice = dark (possibly?)
  • Dark = Ice
  • Legendary = Legendary

What dragons have the most health points per dragon level?
As a dragon levels up it's health and hit points will increase too, however there will always be the following hierarchy to a given level in terms of power and health (Strongest to weakest): Legendary dragons, Pure dragons, Rare dragons, Hybrids dragons, & Single Elements dragons.

What do the stars mean next to some dragon's names?
These are dragons that have battles enough to increase their battle skill. The extra stars make them perform better in battle.

Where do I find World Combat?
Under the Icon button that looks like a storage chest. Click it to bring up a list of different areas. World Combat will be below the Dragon Book.

Why didn't I win gems after I defeated someone in World Combat?
In World Combat players earn gems after winning a league. Leagues take 7 battle wins to complete. Keep working and winning to earn the gems.

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