Dragon City Guide: Dragon's Revenue and Value

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This guide will go over everything that you need to know about Dragon's revenue and value, and the best way to sell your dragon.

A couple of dragon's revenue indications (at level 7):

  • Earth Dragon: 90 gold/min
  • Star Dragon: 75 gold/min
  • Electric Dragon: 60 gold/min
  • Fire Bird Dragon: 52 gold/min
  • Spicy Dragon: 45 gold/min
  • Fire Dragon: 37 gold/min
  • Cloud Dragon: 23 gold/min
  • Water Dragon: 15 gold/min

Dragon City

When a dragon was bred that you already have, or that you don't want, you can always sell it. Similarly, you can always breed dragons with the sole intent of earning money. Certainly when breeding the rare types of dragons, they can generate a lot of income. However, as a general rule of thumb, a dragon usually earns you more when generating gold revenue, then when selling it, so it's only advisable when you need to clear space, or need money quickly.

As with revenue, the value of dragons differs per type. Unlike with the revenue however, selling a dragon at a higher level is worth the same as on a lower level. So if you're selling a Fire dragon, you will always be offered 50 gold, regardless if the dragon is level 1 or level 10.

A couple of dragon's value indications:

  • Laser: 50000 gold
  • Waterfall dragon: 5000 gold
  • Volcano dragon: 1000 gold
  • Ice dragon: 375 gold
  • Tropical dragon: 300 gold
  • Electric dragon: 150 gold
  • Earth dragon: 50 gold

Tips on resources

  • When you stop playing the game for the moment, always remember to collect all the gold from all your dragon habitats.
  • To prevent your habitats from filling up on gold too quickly, place dragons that generate less revenue, in the habitat that can hold the least amount of gold. This way, you won't lose as many gold when it fills up before you can collect.
  • When you have a big farm and you know you're not going to play the game for a certain amount of time, you might as well use that time to order as much food as can be produced.
  • Gems can be bought, but they can also be earned for free. When you complete certain missions, or win a tournament in the stadium, you will receive a gem as an award. You will also receive a gem every time you level up (as a player, not your dragons), when you complete a collection in the Book of Dragons, and when you collect the daily award for each 5th consecutive day.

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