Dragon City FAQ: Opposing Elements Rare and Legendary Dragons

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In Dragon City you may have several questions, click in to check whether you have knew them or not.

By Justin Preston From socialpoint

Ever wonder what people are talking about and how do you know which dragon is rare and which isn't.

Well here is a simple FAQ - Read it and you will know how to create every dragon in Dragon City as well as all the dragons that will be coming out in future updates.

Dragon City

Q. What is an opposing element?
A. It's a single element dragon that can't be directly bred with a specific type of element.
eg. you can't breed a fire dragon with an ice dragon.

Q. How do I know which elements are opposing?
A. I won't tell you but I will tell you how to find out.
Go to your breeding mountain and in position 1 put an earth dragon now work down your list of dragons and look for other single element dragons.
Some of them will be greyed out meaning the elements oppose each other and cannot be bred directly with each other.

Q. What is a rare dragon?
A. There are several rare dragons and all of them have 2 opposing elements.

Q. So how do I breed a rare Coolfire dragon as it has Fire and Ice as its elements?
A. You have to use at least 1 double element dragon (also known as a hybrid dragon) and either a single element dragon or another hybrid dragon.
So coolfire can be made from a Fire dragon and an Alpine dragon (which is Earth+Ice).

Note using the example you have fire on 1 side and ice on the other meaning that when you breed them together you have a chance to get a Coolfire dragon - now it's only a chance because the Alpine also has an earth element which could combine with the fire and the result would be an Earth+Fire hybrid dragon.

Q. Is there only 1 way to breed a rare dragon?
A. NO you could use any number of combinations as long as you have 1 of the elements you want on 1 side and 1 on the other side so again Coolfire could be bred using Ice + Flaming Rock dragons or even Flaming Rock + Alpine as in both cases Fire is on 1 side and Ice is on the other.

Q. So how do I breed legendary dragons?
A. All you need are ANY 2 RARE dragons to breed with each other and the result if you are lucky will be 1 of the four legendary dragons.

Q. So how do I get dragonfly or venom or any dragon that isn't rare or legendary?
A. Simply click the build button at the bottom right of your game screen and click eggs you will see pictures of ALL the dragons currently in the game so look for the dragon you want - if its elements oppose then follow the steps above - if its elements don't oppose then simply breed the 2 single element dragons that make up the dragon you want.

Hope this FAQ will help you to enjoy breeding dragons. Good luck with you!

Dragon City


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