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Dragon City Food is one of the most important resources in the game. In a nutshell, you need food to upgrade your Dragon City dragons so that they can produce more gold for you over time. This guide will walk you through every possible ways of obtaining food in Dragon City.

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Level 1 - Level 10

  • lvl 1-2=5food x4=20
  • lvl 2-3=10food x4=40
  • lvl 3-4=20food x4=80
  • lvl 4-5=40food x4=160
  • lvl 5-6=80food x4=320
  • lvl 6-7=160food x4=640
  • lvl 7-8=320food x4=1280
  • lvl 8-9=640food x4=2560
  • lvl 9-10=1280food x4=5120
  • =10220 total food per dragon

Level 10 - Level 15

  • lvl 10-11=1664food x4=6,656
  • lvl 11-12=2163food x4=8,653
  • lvl 12-13=2812food x4=11,249
  • lvl 13-14=3656food x4=14,623
  • lvl 14-15=4753food x4=19,010
  • =60191 total food per dragon

Level 15 - Leve 20

  • lvl 15-16=6178food x4=24,713
  • lvl 16-17=8032food x4=32,127
  • lvl 17-18=10,441food x4=41,765
  • lvl 18-19=13,574food x4=54,295
  • lvl 19-20=17,646food x4=70,584
  • =223485 total food per dragon

Level 20 - Leve 25

  • lvl 20-21=22,940food x4=91,759
  • lvl 21-22=29,822food x4=119,286
  • lvl 22-23=38,768food x4=155,072
  • lvl 23-24=50,398food x4=201,594
  • lvl 24-25=65,518food x4=262,072
  • =829782 total food per dragon

Level 25 - Level 30

  • lvl 25-26=85,173food x4=340,693
  • lvl 26-27=110,725food x4=442,901
  • lvl 27-28=143,943food x4=575,772
  • lvl 28-29=187,126food x4=748,503
  • lvl 29-30=243,264food x4=973,054
  • =3 080 924 total food per dragon
  • 4 204 601 total food per dragon to reach lvl 30

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