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In Dragon City you may have several questions about combat, here below frequently asked questions (FAQ) about game play, click in to whether you have knew them or not.

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Dragon City Game Play FAQ

Why can't I buy space on the other island?
Before space can be purchased off another island the rites to cross the bridge must be purchased. This will cost either gold or gems depending on which island is being purchased. You can buy the island rites from Build: expansion & choosing the far right option to unlock your next island. This will include the plot of land directly across the bridge.

Why didn't I get the food reward for upgrading my farm?
Please be aware the food listed is a display showing the highest level of food that can be grown with that size farm. It is somewhat cramped together in the display box available for description which does cause common confusion, however, only the Experience is the reward for up grading.

Why can't I build a habitat?
There is a limit to the amount of habitats a person can have based on their level. Please view your limit to see if you have capped it. This can be done in Build: Habitat listed below any habitat type. A number will show reading something like 23/28. the First number will be the amount you currently have in all habitats total. The second number will be the amount of habitat you are allowed to have in total.

Why won't my habitat amount increase past 28?
This is the habitat cap. 28 habitats is the maximum amount of habitats to earn for the game in total.

How can I earn Gems in game?
There are a variety of ways. Everyone can collect through the combat options & activity rewards. Sometimes quests, Daily Log In Chest, the Dragon Book and Leveling up will also grant gems.
World Combat - 3 gems per league (7 battles) won
Stadium Combat - 2 gems per battle (3 rounds) won
Monday Rewards - 5 gems if the lucy bag is chosen

What is the highest level of the game?
At this time most players are peaked at level 50.

Why is my game not leveling when my bar shows I have more than enough experience points?
When the XP bar is scrolled over the amount display is actually a count down of the amount of experience a player still needs to earn for the next level. When that scroll over hits 0 you level.

Why is my Quest not completing?
Some quests will get stuck. Reloading your game will usually take care of the issue?

How do I finish the quest to close my window when there is no button?
They did a whoops with what direction the giant red arrow points. Click the red X found on the top-right side of the box. This will close the window completing the quest.

How come my temple quest will not complete?
Be aware that temple quests sow back to back & are worded very similar. Many players mistake the next level quest for the previous one. If you know it is still the same one, try refreshing the game a few minutes after the temple is completely built to have it read the temple.

What does a temple do?
For the main part a temple is there to allow a player to raise the level of their fighting dragons. Each temple allows a player to increase their dragons' levels by 5. Costs and requirements vary per temple.

  • Magic temple unlocks at level 20, costs 500,000 gold, & requires 6 friends to open it. All dragons can be trained up to level 15 with this temple.
  • Noble temple unlocks at level 25, costs 1,500,000 gold, & requires 6 friends to open it. All dragons can be trained up to level 20 with this temple.
  • Knight temple unlocks at level 30, costs 5,000,000 gold, & requires 24 hours to build it. Dragons can be trained up to level 25 with this temple.
  • Dragon temple unlocks at level 35, costs 25 gems, & requires 24 hours to build it. Dragons can be trained up to level 30 with this temple.

Why is my boost not increasing my gold capacity to the habitat?
Be aware that boosts do not increase how much a habitat holds. what they do is increase the amount a dragon can produce in a given time. So they increase the speed that a habitat fills up. If player are on a lot it can lead to increased amounts of gold in that they will be able to collect off the habitat more often from it filling up faster.

How can I find my Facebook ID number?
Everyone's game will have it listed beneath their game just under the red "Help & Support" button. You can also find it through viewing your facebook page's source code just after the "user" or "ID" title.

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