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Dragon City Habitats are important because they can house your Dragons and provide you with gold. This guide will go over some basic information about the Dragon City habitats and provide a chart for you to compare and select the best Habitat for your beloved dragons.

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Dragon City Habitat Basic

As you level up in Dragon City, you will receive more available slots to build habitats. You will want to build as many habitats as possible to maximize the amount of gold generated in Dragon City. The habitats are divided into several elemental categories based on their type. Different types of habitats have different numbers of Dragons that they can house, as well as different gold capacities.

It should be noted that Dragon City hybrid dragon breeds can live in either of the habitats based on their element, unlock Dragon City combats where hybrids will take their first element as the main element.

You can upgrade first level habitats into "large" habitats without taking down the original habitats. However, you will still have to pay the gold to upgrade the habitat. The large habitats will require more land area than the original smaller habitats.

Earth Habitat 1 100 100 2 500
Large Earth Habitat 8 10000 2500 4 2000
Fire Habitat 1 150 150 2 7500
Large Fire Habitat 11 25000 25000 4 25000
Water Habitat 4 500 500 1 10000
Large Water Habitat 14 75000 3 50000
Plant Habitat 6 1500 1500 2 7500
Large Plant Habitat 17 125000 4 20000
Electric Habitat 10 20000 20000 2 3000
Large Electric Habitat 19 250000 4 6000
Ice Habitat 13 50000 1 15000
Large Ice Habitat 21 1000000 3 75000
Metal Habitat 16 100000 2 15000
Large Metal Habitat 23 2000000 4 30000
Dark Habitat 20 500000 2 20000
Large Dark Habitat 26 3000000 4 80000
Legend Habitat 18 150000 1 750000

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