Dragon City Olympus Island Guide: Objectives, Rewards, Buydown

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Olympus Island is the latest Quest Event for Dragon City. Here below will show you all about this island: Objectives, Rewards, Buydown.


Dragon City Olympus Island Objectives


Part 1

Prize: Olympus Habitat Your mythical greek dragons will discuss everything in democracy while on this Olympus habitat. The Olympus Habitat is the same as a Big Sea habitat except that it can hold a maximum of 4 Dragons.

Dragon City Olympus Island Rewards

TIP:  This reward is much easier to get and much more valuable.

Part 2

Poseidon is usually quite calm and sleepy, living under the sea. If he gets angry however, he starts producing tsunamies and earthquakes. Fun fact: He hates eating fish.' For completing Part 2 of the quest, you will recieve the Poseidon Dragon.

Dragon City Olympus Island Rewards

Part 3

The realm of the underworld is controlled by Hades. He actually became friends with the sea of souls, which he considers a lot of fun. It's his most favourite part of this job. For completing Part 3 of the quest, you will recieve the Hades Dragon

Dragon City Olympus Island Rewards

Part 4

Atlas is usually exhausted from carrying the globe from one side to the other. That duty has shaped his body, resulting in a powerful dragon able to perform the most impressive attacks! For completing Part 4 of the quest, you will recieve the Atlas Dragon

Dragon City Olympus Island Rewards


Each part of the quest consists of a series of 3 pillars. The ouside pillars have 3 segments while the middle section has 4. Buy All is the cost to buyout all remaning parts of the quest.  Gold Bar IconFood gon only is the cost to buy out only Pillar 2 after Pillars 1 and 3 are complete.

Dragon City Olympus Island Buydown

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