Dragon City Guide: Ultra Breeding Tree

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Ultra Breeding Tree is one of the most valuable buildings in the game. Because it enables you to combine two different elements thus allowing you to create hybrid dragons. Without this beginning mountain, you’ll never be able to breed dragons together unless you purchase the premium breeding tree.


"This is where the magic happens too, but this time in a tree!Put two dragons in and see what comes out! Speedup with Gems if you want to find out faster." - Dragon City Description

Dragon City Ultra Breeding Tree

Buying Price: 100Dragon City Gems

Selling Price: –Dragon City Gold

Build Time: 10 Seconds

Dragon City: Ultra Breeding Tree Key Features

    Better breeding rates for rare dragons.

How to breed dragons

To breed Dragons, you need to select a dragon on the right and a dragon on the left when you are selecting the Ultra Breeding Tree. The order of the breeding dragons does not matter and the level of your dragons will also not affect the outcome. It is completely up to luck and your game.

That means if you are not getting the dragon you need to check if the element is within the breeding combination or if you have the right combination. Once you do just keep on breeding and you will get the dragon depending on your luck in the game. Unfortunately, there is no known control over this and it is completely random.

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