Dragon City Basic Eggs Guide

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To start breeding the dragons, you must first have these basic Dragons. You must purchase these dragons from the Store and place it to Hatchery because you do not have the parents to generate and mate for these basic dragons.

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Egg Dragon Lvl Element Buy Price
Hatch Time Fully Grown
Dragon City Earth Dragon Egg Earth 1 Dragon City Earth Dragon 100Dragon City Bar template
50Dragon City Xp template
15 sec Dragon City Earth Dragon Aduldt
Dragon City Fire Dragon Egg Fire 2 Dragon City Fire Dragon 100Bar template.png
50Dragon City Xp template
30 sec Dragon City Fire3
Dragon City Water Dragon Egg Water 4 Dragon City Water Dragon 500Dragon City Bar template
50Dragon City Xp template
5 min Dragon City Water Dragon 3
Dragon City Plant Dragon Egg Plant 6 Dragon City Plant Dragon Symbol 15,000Bar template.png
1,000Dragon City Xp template
2 hrs Dragon City Water Dragon 3
Dragon City  Electric Dragon Egg Electric 10 Dragon City  Electric Dragon 30,000Dragon City  Bar template
5,000Dragon City Xp template
4 hrs Dragon City Electric
Dragon City Ice egg Ice 13 Dragon City Ice Dragon 75,000Bar template.png
50,000Dragon City Xp template
1 hr Dragon City Ice3
Metal egg 70x82.png Metal 16 Dragon City Metal Dragon 250,000Bar template.png
10,000Dragon City Xp template
2hr Metal3.png
Dark Dragon Egg.png Dark 20 Dark Dragon 500,000Bar template.png
100,000Dragon City Xp template
4 hrs Dark3.png

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