Dream Isle: Design Your Lovely Island

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Dream Isle

Dream Isle is a game where you can be an island owner. You can have your own island, build beautiful facilities, decorate the island, upgrade your boats, host tourists, etc. You can also visit your friends' islands, steal their tourists and make more money! You can choose all the cute decorations, lovely ocean and sky to make your island a unique fun place. Nothing is sweeter than beach and sunshine.

Dream Isle
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The lovely island in Dream Isle can be decorated to whatever style the owner wants. There are tons of cool facilities like Merry-go-round, Farris Wheel and Roller Coaster. They can be used to decorate the island and make money for the owner at the same time. Also there are lovely greenings like cloud tree and mushroom tree too. And even the sky the ocean and the turf can be customized too. Your island could be the best way to show your unique taste.

Dream Isle
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And how can a fun party without your friends celebrating together? In Dream Isle, you get the chance to be the cool host who owns luxury carracks and yachts. Your friends can come to the island by them to have fun with you. You can visit their island too. Of course, you can do more. You can be the good friend who fix breakdown for your friends or you can be the naughty one who steals guests and even Gold from your friends. Either way, you are having fun.

Dream Isle is a very easy-to-operate game. It only needs one or two click to do decorating or breakdown fixing. Besides, the graphic style of this game is both cute and imaginative. It's literally could be your own Dream Isle.



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