Dreamland Online Operation Guide

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1. Walking and Running

The 4 keys above are used to control the character’s movement.

‘↑’: Move up or move to another place in the transportation location.

‘↓’: Move down

‘←’: Move to the left

‘→’: Move to the right

2. Jumping

Press the Space bar to jump or just right click your mouse.

3. Picking up Loot

To pick up loot, press the C key and the character will pick them up automatically. Remember, for the first 30 seconds the loot belongs to you, while for ten additional seconds (30-40 seconds) it will be available to anyone, and after that will simply disappear. If you are part of a team, everyone in the team is eligible to pick up it up from the first second its dropped.

4. Talking with an NPC

Right click your mouse on the NPC, or move close to the NPC and press the CTRL key to initiate a conversation.

5. Collecting

Get close to the target and then press the CTRL key to collect the item.

6. Chatting

Left click your mouse on the chat bar to communicate, or press the Enter key to chat with others.

7. Attacking

Press the A key to initiate a basic attack on a target. You can also move skills into the shortcuts bar to make more powerful attacks easy to do with the keyboard.

Dreamland Online

Shortcuts List

ESC: Open System Menu

Print Screen: Take a screenshot

Y: Check Guild information

U: Check character attributes

I: Open your bag

K: Check your skills

L: Check your quests

N: Open the world map

M: Open the map for your current location

Players can move skills or items into the shortcuts bar 1 – 8, which are linked to the keys Q, W, E, R, S, D, F, G.

Dreamland Online

If these shortcuts are not arranged the way you like to use them, you can change them. Press the ESC key and go to the Shortcuts page to reset the shortcuts.



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