Dueling Blades Preview: Turn-Based 3D Combat

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Dueling Blades

The upcoming action game Dueling Blades boasts a number of features that aren't exactly common to social games. It has high-quality 3D visuals, a robust multiplayer combat system, and eventually will support cross-platform play across Facebook, Android, and iOS. Dueling Blades isn't expected to launch until March.

By Andrew Webster From Gamezebo

Dueling Blades takes place in an alternate universe, fantasy-style medieval setting and at launch Dueling Blades will focus on multiplayer action, though a single-player campaign is in the works. And the core of that multiplayer mode is combat.

Dueling Blades Preview

"We utilize a simultaneous turn strategy gameplay mechanic," Cooper told Gamezebo. "This was chosen because it is not only fun, but also performs efficiently on both mobile and social platforms. The battles will take place in a 3/4 top down perspective where you will have a full view of the arena."

Dueling Blades Preview

Dueling Blades  will launch with seven different classes to play as, including a ninja and knight, which you'll unlock as you progress through the game and earn experience levels. There's also in-depth character creation and achievments to keep you busy when you're not fighting against friends, and a crafting system is also in the works for a future update, which will let you create your own gear.

Dueling Blades Preview

While the game will launch first on Facebook, Cooper explained that all versions will be nearly identical once Dueling Blades reaches other platforms.

Dueling Blades Preview

"Other than minor UI adjustments, Dueling Blades  will offer the same features and functionalities on all devices," he told "Dueling Blades  has been designed to have an equal advantage in a cross-platform experience. Players on all platforms of the game will be able to compete with each other. Finally, Android and Apple users will be able to settle their differences in battle!"

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