Edgeworld Guide: Combat Buildings

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Play Edgeworld on Facebook a fun war strategy game with a sci-fi theme. Deploy your units and conquer the enemy. This guide looks at the structures in the game.

Edgeworld Buildings

In Edgeworld on Facebook you can't have a powerful military without first building up your economic base. In the game there are several important resource buildings you need for your base. Resources in the game include power, crystals, uranium, and gas. Each plant has upgrade levels which increases your overall resource production. Click on each resource building to place your resources into storage for use.

As you level up you'll find extra resource buildings in the build menu. Build as many of these structures as you cana nd keep upgrading them whenever possible. Build supply depots to hold extra resources so you don't lose any production when you are away from the game. Higher level upgrades of your main structures will require a huge resource oputput so spend your first days with the game getting your production levels up.


Tech Lab

In the game you have the ability to increase the performance of your military units. The tech lab is where you conduct research on your units. You'll need to upgrade structures in the game to gain access to all the levels for each unit as well as have the required resources for the upgrade. Each research will take some game time to complete. If you have game cash you can use speed-ups found in the game store. You may win some of these playing the daly game when you first log in too. You might want to save these for a an important research in the future. Each research improves health, damage, range, rate of fire, speed, and transport size of the unit. There are several levels available for each of your combat units in the game.

Barracks and Factory


Build a barracks to start training units. Be sure to ramp up ypour resource production fiorswt since you'll need a steady stream of units coming out of the barracks to make upo for your loses during offensive combat operations. You'll need plenty of the uranium resource to build your units in the barracks.

The factory structure build the advanced units so build one of those to gain access to them. If you can't see a unit in the barracks or factory you need to unlock it by researching it in the technology lab. Try to build extra barracks so you can train many units at one time.

Staging Area and Warp Gate

Staging Areas

The staging area increases the amount of troops you can train. Upgrade your staging areas as much as possible when you have free resources to spare.

Warp Gate

For each combat engagement you'll need an upgraded warp gate so you can send troops on the attack. You can only attack so many times before the gate needed to be recharged. You'll gain additional charges over time so just waitunit you haveenough to attack again.

Command Center

Your command center is the hub of your base. You can't access all the buildings in the game until you increase the level of this structure. You'll need a ton of resources once you hit level five to level this structure. Once you level it you'll get more resource buildings and other structures.

Game Tips

  • Games like this one are meant to be played with other players. Click the alliance screen and join an alliance as soon as you can or start your own.
  • Build up your resources as much aspossible you need them more than units at the beginning of your game. Your war machine will stall without a huge economic base. Save any resources you win playing the daily game for rapidly building back your army if it's destroyed during combat.
  • Make use of the game store for popwerups and othe items if you can afford it since you'll be farther ahead than most people playing the game.

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