Edgeworld Guide: How to Get Resources

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There are three ways to get resources when you play Edgeworld:

  • Mine them using mining facilities;
  • Destroy enemy (PvP or PvE) resource facilities and supply depots (only PvP);
  • Trade and gift/receive resources from other members in your alliance;

Mine them using mining facilities

Mining for resources is straight-forward in the Edgeworld. Build mines and upgrade them. You can get far with two mines of each type, as long as you upgrade them. There are four types of resources:

  • Crystals (Blue) - Used for upgrades of all building types except Crystal Mines themselves.
  • Gas (Purple) - Used for upgrades of all building types except Gas Mines themselves.
  • Energy (Yellow) - Used for upgrades of Concussion turrets, Tesla Coils, Warp Gates, Research Faciliies and for doing Research
  • Uranium (Green) - Used for doing upgrades of X-1 Canons and for research and training troops.

A mine has both an hourly rate and a storage capacity. The hourly rate is how much the mine produces per hour. The capacity determines how much resources the mine can hold before the resources must be collected manually. This means that the higher level your mines are, the less attention you have to pay to them. A mine with capacity of 18000 and an hourly rate of 3000 can go 6 hours without you having to collect the resources.


Upgrading a mine will increase both, but storage capacity will grow much faster in Edgeworld. Upgrading mines stays relatively cheap both resource and time-wise. Mining continues during upgrades. Building new mines seems like an attractive option, as it is very cheap and fast. The additional space they take up must be protected by defensive capabilities, however. One big advantage of upgrading mines instead of building new ones is additional storage capacity provided. Capacity increases more than production, giving you plenty of storage without having to build additional storage facilities. As always, there is no obvious best way to go, so do what works best for you.


  • Protecting mines and storage facilities is key to a good defense. Other buildings are not important.
  • Before leveling up, collect the resources from your mines. After leveling up, all your mines will be
    filled to storage capacity. If your mines are already full before leveling up, you will not get any free resources from the levelling.
  • Level up your mines so that they can go longer without having to collect the resources. Don't waste
    those hours you're not playing with low-level mines that stop producing when they're full.
  • At later levels, mining becomes inconsequential, as you will get many more resources from attacking enemy players or Factions. Don't build too many mines, because they will make you an attractive target later on in the game.

Destroy enemy (PvP or PvE) resource facilities and supply depots (only PvP)

Destroying enemy bases is an advantageous method of getting resources in Edgeworld, provided you can minimize the loses of your troops. Many PvP players, even some at high levels, have badly defended bases where resources are up for the grabbing. But be aware that those with low-level defenses may have put more time in building up their offenses and may retaliate.


Some of the PvE (Player-vs-Environment, otherwise known as the AI, NPCs and Factions) bases have some kind of vulnerability that makes parts of their base easy targets for grabbing resources quickly. Farming PvE bases can make the difference between being low on resources and always having enough. For example, the lvl 19 Helio Legion base has a weak-spot in the North-West (upper-left)corner. The two reactors can be attacked with Specters, which can stay out of reach of the Tesla Coils.

At later levels (25+), destroying enemy bases will become your main method of collecting resources.

Trade and gift/receive resources from other members in your alliance.

The returns can be significant, and the risk of loosing troops is zero, if the warp-in is performed correctly. Try to find weaknesses in high-level Faction bases for larger returns. You can farm resources very quickly in this way. See Appendix 1 for a list of weak spots in Faction bases. Note that you do not get resources by destroying Supply Depots of AI players, unlike those of real players.

Trading resources in your alliance is a great way to get rid of excess resource of one kind while gaining resources you are low on. Ask in the alliance chat for a trade. Make sure to be clear on what you need versus what you can spare, so deals can be made quickly without confusion. Begging for resources without trading back equally is considered bad mentality. Some players continually beg for resources while giving or trading little back. They level up over the backs of their fellow players in an Alliance, and may get kicked out!

Some tips for storing resources in Edgeworld

  • Upgrading supply depots will massively improve their capacities.
  • Again, upgrade your mines so they take longer to fill up. Don’t waste those hours your not playing.
  • Other players in your alliance may be willing to hold

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