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You must select troops to send by clicking on their icons in Edgeworld. You can remove troops from the selection by clicking the small red minus icon on the troop icon. Which troops to select depends on the availability of your troops, the enemy base and where you want to attack it. Before FIXME: Expand. The following troops are available:


Edgeworld Marines

Marines are dirt-cheap and fast to build, and have decent health/damage. It may seem like they don't do much damage, and they're the lowest level troops, yet in large numbers they're very useful. Use to quickly take out defenses.


Edgeworld Rhinos

Rhinos are cheap to build and have large amounts of health (at lower levels). Although they do very little damage, they are extremely useful to distract enemy defenses while other troups take them out. Two or three rhinos can often distract defenses long enough for pyro's or specters to do a lot of damage.

Warp in rhinos far away from where you want them to distract, and prepare the second warp-in with high-damage dealing close-range troups. Once the rhinos are distracting all the guns you want them to distract, warp in additional Edgeworld's troops close to defenses to take out the defenses. Be careful when using this strategy with X-1's though, because the splash damage from attacks they perform on rhinos can easily whipe out your forces. Use snipers in that case.


Edgeworld Raiders

Raiders have medium health, and don't do a lot of damage. Their strength lies in the fact that when they hit any kind of mining facility, you will receive twice the resources from that mine. One hit by the raiders is enough, other troups can destroy the building for double resources. It's all about correct timing and warp-in placement with these troups, but they can significantly increase the spoils of war.

Note that raiders will always go for turrets first, even if they're not being attacked by one. This makes it difficult to time their warp-in precisely so that they can hit mines first.


Edgeworld Pyros

Pyros have below-average health, but the deal a lot of damage. Use to quickly take out defenses while rhinos or titans distract them. Warp in close to defenses once they're distracted. Easily wiped out by X-1 Cannons.


Edgeworld Specters

Arguably the most useful kind of troops, Specters can take out targets from a large distance. They operate outside of the range of X-1 cannons and Tesla's, allowing them to take out those units without loses. Most useful as a tactical unit dropped in to take care of X-1's and Tesla's, they make a good addition to a mixed group of units. Check the Appendix to see how to utilize these extremely useful units (is that too many U's? I never can tell) to farm Fractions in Edgeworld.


Edgeworld Hornets

Hornets have average health and do average damage. Their attack slows the rate of fire of any defenses to 50%. Since they move at the same speed as titans and a little faster than rhinos, they make a good addition to those Edgeworld units. Just two hornets in your warp-in party can make the difference between losing many or few troops.


Edgeworld Titans

Titans have very high health and are fast in Edgeworld. They do little damage, but they are excellent to draw fire away from the rest of your troops. Well placed Titans followed by warping in a bunch of specters and perhaps a hornet or two can often result in a victory with very few loses. They are well worth their price and time to train.


Edgeworld Shrikes

Shrike have a reasonable amount of health, but deal low damage in Edgeworld troops. Their high speed often gets them killed quickly due to them outrunning all the other troops, making them not really worth the resources and time they cost to train at lower levels. Once leveled up, they can be a formidable attacking force.

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