Edgeworld Tips: Base Layout

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The layout of your base in Edgeworld is as important as having high-level defensive buildings. There is no one obviously correct way to lay out your base, but here are some tips:

Protect resource mines and supply towers. Other buildings are less important, as you do not lose
resources when they are destroyed. Insufficiently protected resource mines and supply towers make
you an attractive target to enemies.

Figure 1. Resource-protected base with varied defense

Resource-protected base with varied defense

Overlap defenses. Each defensive building has a radius in Edgeworld. Hover your mouse over a building to see the green circle. The more overlap these circles have, the more concentrated firepower is available in the overlap.

Figure 2. Overlap in defenses

Overlap in defenses

Vary defenses. Try to vary your defenses. Four Tesla tower in a single cluster without any turrets are very vulnerable to Specter offenses with their long range. Instead, vary your defenses. This way a turret can attack long-rage targets such as Specters when you play Edgeworld, while an X-1 Canon can wipe out large groups of Marines or Pyros that get too close.

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