Edgeworld Tips: Get Resources Easier

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All risks in following Faction base in Edgeworld vulnerabilities are minimal and if you play it by instructions you might not have losses at all and get resources up to 60.000 and experience up to 6.000 XP per one attack.

Edgeworld Tips

Helio Legion, Level 19

Attack the base from the north as there is weak defence there. You will need Specters (Specters at level 1 are enough) and you will have no losses at all. Drop your units to the far-north. When you have destroyed two tesla's, two reactors, one barracks and one staging area you should retreat momentarily. Gains: 4800 Uranium and 1024 Xp.

Erazi Syndicate, Level 25

Attack the Erazi Syndicate base from the South-west. Warp in 3 rhinos to the far South/South-West that will allow you to drop more units (few Specters, hornets and marines) close to the defence (teslas and turrets). In this attack when you play Edgeworld you will have some losses, but when you count in gains you will profit from this attack you will benefit a lot! Gains: 1.600+ XP and between 45.600 and 85.000 energy.

Erazi Syndicate, Level 31

You should attack these base from the east and with this attack you can destroy Command Center. After succesful destruction you will complete mission "Erazi Spaceport" and get 6.000 XP and 50.000 energy.

Maar Confederacy, Level 50

Approach the base from the South-East and the North-West, using the Specters properly will allow you to destroy all 6 Tesla towers with no losses. Also you can destroy 5 out from 6 X-1 Canons witn no losses if you warp in correct place (train this). Gains: more than 3.800 XP.

Helio Legion, Level 50

This attack can be performed with no losses. Attack the base from the North. Reactor should be destroyed with Specters. You can use another strategy in this Faction mission, strategy is: Send two rhinos (rhinos should be at least level 14). At the moment they are attacked by defence towers, warp-in a raider to the north corner and destroy reactor. Then warp-in the Specters and let them attack the reactor. Using these second strategy will destroy some of your attack force. Gains: between 30.000 and 60.000 Uranium.

Erazi Syndicate, Level 100

Drop in your Specters at the North-West between two rocks. They will with no losses destroy three teslas on the West/North-West corner. Gains: 3,762 XP.

Helio Legion, Level 150

North corner is poorly defended. With Specters you can destroy two barracks easily. Gains: 1,300 XP.

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