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There are five categories of Empires & Allies buildings, and you'll be using them all to achieve supreme and mustachioed victory. (You're running an empire. You are wearing a mustache, aren't you?)

Empires & Allies

Housing is the first and most important category. Having housing produces coins for you to spend and raises your population, allowing construction of other buildings. The more advanced and costly your housing (building these uses Wood), the more population and money you receive, though the money takes longer to arrive as the amount you receive increases.

Empires & Allies

Military buildings require coins, wood, and population, and allow you to build progressively more advanced and effective air, sea, and land units for your army.

Empires & Allies

Industry buildings acquire all of the resources you'll need to run and expand your empire. Farms turn Crops (which are unlocked as you level) into Coins, Markets allow you to trade with friends, and the other buildings produce Wood, Oil, and Ore, all necessary if you want to do anything crazy and/or diabolical. More advanced buildings acquire more of these resources, but require a vastly larger population to run. No slave labor!

Empires & Allies

Government (civic) buildings provide coins and allow you to raise your population, but to take effect, they need to be staffed. When you start building, you'll be able to either invite your friends to staff or pay to have the buildings staffed using Empire points.

Empires & Allies

Decorations serve only to decorate your lands as befitting a skilled and charismatic leader. They cost coins, and may or may not allow units to travel over them depending on what they are. (I.E, roads allow travel, Elephant statues do not.)

But how, budding ruler, do you construct these empires and allies buildings? Just click what you want constructed from one of the above five categories, click again on the location you would like it to be placed at, and then click the building itself three times. Each click takes a bit of time (more if you are building, say, a tier 3 shipyard than if you are building a basic farm), so if you're looking to build a lot at once, or are busy making sweet, sweet war all over your island, some multitasking will be necessary.

Expansions may be purchased using coins and Liberty bonds (won in campaigns or given to you by friends), and give you more land to build on. Expansions cost progressively more, but hey, in Empires & Allies buildings win wars!

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