Empires & Allies Guide: Experimental Units

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Empires & Allies Experimental Units

experimental Units

Are a new type of unit, outside of the usual "Rock/Paper/Scissors" combat system. They use a rare new power source called "Element Z" to power dramatic new abilities!

How do I build them?

Experimental units are built in Experimental buildings!

Experimental Buildings

So far, only the Experimental Barracks and Experimental Dock are available, which build Land and Naval units respectively. In the new buildings, Experimental Units are built just like normal units. The Experimental Dock unlocks at level 20.

What do I need to do to use them?

Experimental Units are powered by Element Z.

Element Z

Element Z is a rare new power source discovered by Dr. Seabolt! With it, our units can do things that we never thought possible.

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The Element Z bar appears in combat. You will start automatically with a full Element Z bar, but you'll have to refill it yourself. Element Z can be purchased for EP or gifted by your neighbors, so be sure to be generous!

What Experimental Units are there, and what do they do?

Hospital Ship

Hospital Ship

  • STRENGTH: 100
  • SPECIAL ABILITY: Combat Repairs
  • EFFECT: Repairs a single friendly unit in combat.

Sea Shadow

Sea Shadow

  • STRENGTH: 200
  • SPECIAL ABILITY: Area Barrage
  • EFFECT: Unleashes a projectile barrage on enemy units.

Tacticl ATV

Tactical ATV

  • STRENGTH: 85
  • SPECIAL ABILITY: Smoke Grenade
  • EFFECT: Improves a unit's chance of evading attacks.

M-163 Vulcan

M-163 Vulcan

  • STRENGTH: 125
  • SPECIAL ABILITY: Suppression Fire
  • EFFECT: Reduces an enemy's chance to hit friendly units.

Remember: The Experimental Air Force Units are coming very soon!

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