Empires & Allies Guide:Tips For Those Just Getting Started

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With this being a brand new game, we're all pretty new.  So, these tips below are for newbies.

Empires & Allies

1. You need neighbors, grab as many as you can.  You're first 18 hours are in a neutral state.  So you don't have to worry about them attacking you.  However, you need them to join crews to build your government (much like cityville) and you need them to send Liberty Bonds for expansions (also much like cityville).

2.When building your army, don't place your ground troops in the middle of town doing nothing.  All military troops and vehicles have a damage radios (a blue square that you see when you move a troop.  You should start seeing this once you hit level six.).If your troops are placed in one big square, they cannot do much to protect your land.  So keep troupe placement in mind when you're organizing building placement.

3.Don't get too caught up in decorations or building a massive army too early.  Gold, Wood, and Oil are in short supply.  If you follow the chain of quests, you should be fine.  Some quests require you to build specific troops and place them.  If you go overboard on buying troops before a quest requires it, you may not have the resources and gold to finish the quest as fast as you want.  (I went way over board and bought about 9 of each troupe as soon as I started playing.  I quickly ran out of gold and wood.  So, maybe you guys won't make the same mistake. lol)

4.Don't be afraid of combat with other players.  If you start a battle and loose ships, plains, or troops in battle, they are gone; you will have to rebuild them.  But, there are huge payouts to both invading.  Similarly, there are equal payouts if you are attacked.  If you log in and see that you have been attacked, you can attack them and remove them from your land.  Each critical hit on the enemy grants large payouts.  If you kill with a critical attack, the payouts are significantly larger both in resources, energy, and gold.Get to know your neighbors and try to set up fights with them.  It works to both of your benefit.

5.if you are playing the RewardsVille Promotion.Don't forget to to click on Empires & Allies to receive your Free Small Modern House, and then add this to your property. You can collect coins plus this free Home also adds to your population as well.Incidentally Empires & Allies had 2 x Gifts available, the Small Modern House and also the Park Fountain.

6.Once your friends achieve level 6 ask them to visit you so that they do 5 x chores on your property. Your friends after they have done 5 x chores earn not only earn 5 XP points ie: 1 x XP per chore but they also earn one x Energy as well. When you return to your property click on their image you will also receive the same amount XP Points. Your friends will also have the opportunity to post a feed to share the Energy they have received. If they have done this go to you wall feed and click on this to grab one x Energy.

7.Make sure you check your wall feeds especially where your friends send out a request for resources like copper, gold, wood etc. Click on these requests to accept so as build your own resources for later use.Visit your friends daily once you have achieved level 6. If you see that one of your friends has completed a mission say on their farms. For example Sweet Potato is ready to be harvested click on it. This will give 1100 coins the value of harvesting that the owner/friend will receive also.

8.You dont need the Roads so get rid of them. (its not like cityville where you HAD to have a road to place a building next to) They're just wasted space imho. Especially when youre struggling to expand. The quests seems to require you to build ALOT and no room to put them. Or if you're a freak with 'stocking up' on resources and lacking in coins or liberty bonds to expand with.

9.The world embassy doesn't seem to need any defending (or at least yields no coins).When helping neighbors, it seems that "accelerating" houses and resources seem to give you more coins than "completing" the house.

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