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Empires & Allies is a game that combines the best of the otherZynga games has to offer and added something more that will truly propel it on the top list of Facebook games. This will sure be a hit once words spread of it’s existence. Now let me show you the guides,cheat,walkthrough below.

Empires & Allies Guide:Tips For Those Just Getting Started

With this being a brand new game, we're all pretty new. So, these tips below are for newbies.

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Empires & Allies Building Guide

There are five categories of Empires & Allies buildings, and you'll be using them all to achieve supreme and mustachioed victory. (You're running an empire. You are wearing a mustache, aren't you?)

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Empires & Allies Guide: How To Prevent Attacks on Your Empire

Empires & Allies is a PvP game,so other players can attack your empire and cause your buildings to become ruined permanently. To make your empire immune and prevent other players from attacking you, you need to activate your World Embassy.Your World Embassy is granted to you at level 6 and can make your empire immune for 24 hours.

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Empires & Allies Guide:How To Earn Infamy

Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge in blog gaming? Empires & Allies is the latest and best blog platform game offering fromZynga. Known mostly for its snuggly games filled with fluff and circumstance, Zynga has totally revamped its image with this combative game.

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Empires and Allies Invasion Guide

Unlike happy, cute predecessors, the game Empires & Allies is a game that focuses on battles and blood. Instead of snuggling the enemy, you beat them up. Winning is part of the equation. If you want to know how to win battles in Empires & Allies, then you are in luck.

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Empires & Allies Guide:Resources,Powerups

Resources in Empires & Allies are very important, as they are the only way for you to build buildings, military units, battle others, and level up. There are a lot of different resources though, so here is a guide to help you learn all about the different resources that are available to you.

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Empires & Allies Cheats:Coins,Energy,Minerals

Probably one of the most sought after Empires & Allies Cheats is how to make tons of coins on the game. Coins are important because it is used to purchase almost everything in the game and the most important thing that you could buy with it is your army, the backbone of your empire.

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Empires & Allies RewardVille Items

Most of the RewardVille prizes are homes and decorations, but they are items that can’t be found in the game’s store proper, so they’re something to keep in mind if you want to show off to your friends. As usual, every game in the RewardVille program has been given a free item, with Empires & Allies’ being the Park Fountain, just decorated and get 1xp.

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Empires & Allies Guide

This first tip might be obvious but just in case: Make sure you have your military units spread out around your city to help defend from invasions.

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Empire & Allies Guide:Building Military Units

In this Empire & Alliesmilitary unit guide we'll look at the units featured in the game. You have three main military structures the barracks, hanger and shipyard to build units from. Each of these structures has three upgrade levels. You’ll start by building the level one structures and then as you level up in the game construct the other buildings. The higher level troops require more cash and specialized resources which you can get from fighting NPCs, your Facebook friends, or by trading for them in your marketplace in exchange for game cash.

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Empires & Allies Guide:Increasing Your XP 1v1 And Resources

Have all of your industry types collected in one area so a friend can invade for the resources he/she needs. Have no defending units around.

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Empires & Allies:Complete Guide To The First 10 Missions

To be clear, this guide starts after you've completed the basic tutorial (which sees Zynga guiding you step-by-step with no room for error). At this point, you'll already have a Barracks on your land, and will have trained some Cadet Soldiers. You will have also engaged in your first battle, learning the basics of combat (which can be found repeated at the bottom of this post). At the end of the tutorial, you start Episode 2: Rallying the Empire. You're on your own cadet - it's time to make a name for yourself.

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