Empires & Allies Cheat:Learn How to Complete a Gather Ore(Iron,Copper,Uranium etc)Job Easily!

Date: Jun 20 2011 08:03:47 Source: Views:
KeyWord: Empires & Allies Cheat,Empires & Allies,Gather Ore,Zynga,Strategy,Entertainment

Whenever you get a job saying that "Gather 15 Copper/gold/iron from Neighbour" for example, follow these steps:

  • Click on your market (if you have buid one)
  • Add the Copper(depends on ore requested) from your inventory to the market by clicking "Add All" button, then click "Confirm"
  • Next, the share boxes will appear, cancel by clicking the X button at the top right. Click again on the market, wait a while for your inventory to loading.
  • Click "Remove All/ Remove" button, then click "Confirm". Notes that, as you click "Confirm" button, a tooltip saying Progress will appear next to the Job/ Task to be complete (located at the left-side)
  • Click the job to make sure that the cheats work. If the cheats work correctly, it will showed up some number in the bracket, e.g (12/30), rather than (0/30)
  • Repeat again Step 1-5 until you have complete the job

Notes:This cheat only works for the "Gathering Ore from your Neighbour" job. If you try to use this cheat on "Purchase 1 iron from your neighbour market" for example, it will not work!



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