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Resources in Empires & Allies are very important, as they are the only way for you to build buildings, military units, battle others, and level up. There are a lot of different resources though, so here is a guide to help you learn all about the different resources that are available to you.


Coins are extremely important, as they are what you need in order to buy buildings and product resources like lumber and food from your farms.  Anything that doesn't cost Empire Point will cost coins.  You can earn coins in Empires and Allies by completing goals, winning battles, collecting Daily Bonuses, by visiting friends and helping out on their empires and collecting from your buildings regularly.


Empires & Allies

You need wood in Empires & Allies to build decorations and buildings.  You can get more wood in Empires & Allies by purchasing from a friend, starting a contract from your Lumber Mill, clearing trees on your empire (1 wood for bushes, 10 wood for trees), completing goals, and from friends as gifts.


Oil is a new feature in Empires & Allies compared to other games like CityVille. You need oil to create troops that are used in battle such as Advanced Air, Ground, and Navy units.  You can get more oil by starting contracts with coins in your Oil Wells which are available under the Industry tab in the Build Menu.


Ore is used to build advanced buildings and military units, and come in 4 different colors.  Just like Treasure Isle, you are randomly assigned an ore color when you start playing the game.  You can then get ore from your friends if you need the other colors.  You will need to buy Ore Mines in order to harvest ore regularly.Ore is one of the harder resources to get, so we'll teach you how to get ore in Empires & Allies. You can get ore through Critical Kill or Critical Hit combat drops, by winning battles, request your friends to send you ore, and you can also buy and sell ore in the market.

How to Get Powerups in Empires & Allies

Powerups are special consumables in Empires & Allies that can help turn the tides in combat. If you need that extra bit of power to defeat an especially difficult foe, you probably could use a Power-Up or two.

Power-Ups can be purchased in the Build Menu under the Power-Ups tab.  Most power-ups will require Empire Points to purchase, such as Field Repairs, Explosive Ammo, Air Strikes, and Missile Attacks.

To use a Power Up during combat, click on the pick Power-Up button.

Empires & Allies

You will then see your whole inventory of Power-Ups that you can use.

Empires & Allies

Select the power-up you wish to use in combat and then click on the target you want to use it on.

Empires & Allies

You can get free power-ups from leveling up your Infamy and your Honor.

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