Empires & Allies Tips: Heavenly Ruler's Palace

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Empires & Allies Heavenly Ruler's Palace demands devotion from your soldiers. Check this tips to see what you need to collect parts to complete it.

By Brandy Shaul From

As the overseer of your very own island empire in Empires & Allies, you might sometimes feel unappreciated by your citizens and soldiers (they are virtually after all). All of that can change this week however, as the game has received a rather... egotistical update in the form of the Heavenly Ruler's Palace. This item serves as a decoration that will give you a 15% bonus on the payouts of all surrounding industry buildings and homes.

Empires Allies

What makes this item special, however, is the fact that your Facebook profile picture will show up in a highlighted square in the center of the Palace - it is named for you, after all, the ruler of your island. Unfortunately, this item doesn't come pre-built, as you will need to collect parts to complete it:

  • 12 Gold Statues
  • 12 Marble Pillars
  • 12 Palace Crests
  • 12 Red Carpets

These items are, of course, earned by asking your friends to send them to you. Once it's done, you'll be the proud (well, hopefully proud) owner of a building with your picture on it. It's a seemingly random addition to the game, but it's also kind of fun, right?

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