Empires & Allies Cheat: Get As Many Items You Want With Only One Click

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A while ago I brought you one cheat for Empires Allies to request unlimited energy, oil, wood, mineral, etc, but, whoever used this cheat knows that it was really hard to open multimple tabs and select your friends manually each time you want to request something, besides it takes a lot of time. But that is over now! Because here I bring you a better cheat for you to get all the the things you need a lot easier.

By Elian Roque on GAME UNITE

For this cheat to work you will need the next things:

Google  <--Download here if you don't have it.
Dummy account (or friend accout)

Once you have Google Chrome instaled in your computer, you have to follow the next steps:

1. Login to facebook with your main account

2. Click HERE to install a Chrome extension

3. Now that you have the extension installed, you have to click HERE. A new tab will open an empires & allies request page, but now in the top of the page you will see something like this:

Empires & Allies

4. In the first box you have to add your Dummy account Facebook ID or a facebook friend ID, in order to find their ID go to their profile, and in the URL section you will find something like this: "" the ID is the last numbers, in this case is [i]100002501407704[/i]

Empires & Allies

For more info about Facebook ID visit this page or just research the web.

5. In the second box, where it says permits, you have to add the code for the item you want infinitely. This are the codes:

Energy: energy01
Liberty Bond: expansionkey01
Coins: coins_gift3
Iron: iron_gift3
Aluminum: aluminum_gift3
Uranium: uranium_gift3
Gold: gold_gift3
Copper: copper_gift3
Wood: wood_gift3
Oil: oil_gift3

6. Then, Check the box where it says "Rafraichir Automatiquement“ and send the request. At the end it should look like something like this:

Empires & Allies

NOTE: You can also select "Selectioner tous mes amis" which means select all your friends.

7. Once you send the request, in the top of the page, on top of the facebook bar you can see a new box where it says “Rafraichir Automatiquement“ you have to check that one too.

8. Last but not least, refresh the page and wait, you will see how the program sends infinite requests without you doing anything.

9. After a time have passed, go to your dummy account and enter the game. Then you will find lots of "help requests" from you with the item you request. Now you just have to click on "Help the out" in each of the requests.

Empires & Allies

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